July 13th, 2007

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ok so i bleached my hair before putting it in dreads and it was in fairly terrible condition

the majority of my dreads have come through and are dreading nicely.

but for one!

there's one at the back of my head which is stringy and breaking up in the middle

i was just wondering whether there was any point in keeping it and seeing if it gets better or just cutting it off because it will probably just fall of anyway?

(my dreads are just past the one year mark if that helps any.)

and also - i tried the deep cleaning method posted in the memories and although when soaking my hair originally the water went slightly brown when i rinsed my hair the water was completely clear. considering i wash my hair every 3 days anyway with residue free soap does this sound normal or am i just doing something wrong here?
showtime, weeds

Anyone interested:

In about 2 months Id like to get started on dreading my hair. I did four of my own recently to see how I liked them and to practice, but I just did not like the way they turned out. I don't know anyone around here that has them or experience with them nor am I willing to spend the money at a salon. Is there anyone in South-west, Florida (I'm willing to travel as far north as Tampa/St. Pete to as far south as Ft. Myers.) who is interested in helping me out? We can negotiate price per hour and all other details.

dreads and the gym?

i am training for a half marathon (ie running/working out six days a week). does anyone have any suggestions on how to maintain clean dreads and healthy scalp with sweating everyday? i am worrried about washing them everyday. i have been rinsing them with water and rubbing my scalp, and that seems to be going pretty fine, i am just worried about messing up the locking process (they are about 3 and a half months old). any suggestions greattttttly appreciated!