July 14th, 2007

Question about length

Currently I have short hair. I want long dreadlocks. I was debating whether to start my dreads now or wait until my hair was the length I want the dreads to be and then dreading it. I'm aware that if I start them short, they'll be much much tighter by the time they get to the length I want them to be. The drawback to this is that once hair is dreaded, it appears like it's growing slower (I know it's not) since it's locking up as it's growing. That means that I'll have to wait that much longer to actually get them pretty long. It'd take like 4 years instead of 1. From what I've heard here, hair seems to grow at almost a standstill the first year you dread it.

So, my question is, should I wait a year for my hair to be the length I want and then just dread it and deal with less-tight dreads for a while, or should I start them now and have them be tighter in the longrun but have to wait like several years for them to get to the length I wanted? I dunno, I suck at wording stuff but hopefully you can tell what I'm trying to say.