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9 months [15 Jul 2007|06:50pm]

they finally grew a bit, the longest ones are just past my shoulders
theyre locking up a lot too, only the tips are undreaded and since i dreaded my hair when it was about chin-length the tips are about as long as the dreaded part, giving the overall effect of not really having dreads.
im not complaining though, its so fascinating to watch your hair change!
to everyone who is worried about their younguns not looking good, all i can say is patience patience patience :(

p.s. my birthdays tomorrow and my dreads are around the 9 month mark (dont know the exact day), so i guess they had their start around when i was concieved. ahah. symbolism in everythingggg
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[15 Jul 2007|11:26pm]

First Attempt at Wrapping First Attempt at Wrapping #2
First Attempt at Wrapping
First Attempt at Wrapping #2

ignore my horribly horribly dirty mirror...
have a fish tank on that dresser that gets quite a bit of splashing around done in it...
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