July 16th, 2007

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I'm having a very very bad dread day. I know it all takes time and patiance. And I being the one of the most impatient people in the world refuse to let it get ahold of my babies

So i'm at about two months.. No big accomplishment  for most people 

Out of curiosity at what time did those of you who backcombed yours start to 
hmm..well, they misbehave for awhile
And length would depend
yikes okay so how do I phrase the question
when did your dreads start to _____on a semi regular basis? (fill in the blank with a positvie word)
i know this gets asked a lot and i'm sure people are sick of answering
(so why am i still posting?)
Cause it's nice to know  that 'hey i have this much down only blah blah blah left to go'

than again from what i've read with other people posts and such 
it seems to be a different journey for everyone
(there I am answering my own question)

 you never know , mayb there some random average in there somewhere i can focus on :P

So yea back to the question when did your dreads become less problematic?

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thinking about hacking it all off

so i've had dreadlocks for over five years, made from hair i haven't cut in like eight or nine years. i'm also the sort of person who has a really strong tendency to live in the past, and i feel like i've been doing it for most of my life. the time period i've had my dreads for has been a complete rollercoaster, and i've both had some incredible experiences and some pretty horrible times. i also feel like i'm the kind of person who's inclined to hold on closely to grudges, and i just got over a good half dozen of them that have been plagueing my for years and making me a really bitter and angry person. and a lot of that bitterness and anger have spilled over onto the people i'm closest to, which just sucks for everyone involved. and a lot of those grudges stem from a really, really, really bad year and a half chunk of time that i'm also just realizing made me sort of lock myself into the person i was in 2003/2004 and that in a lot of ways i haven't really let myself grow since then. which is no good at all.

i feel like i've only been ok with letting myself grow and change in the past few months, and in some ways, my hair feels like holding onto the past, for all the good things and bad things in it, really closely. and dreadlocks have always kind of represented consistency and being able to stay with the same thing to me. i feel like having these mid-back to waist length chunks of hair seems like, well, sticking with the same old thing that i've been realizing is making me less and less happy. and part of the reason i've kept them is that i'm stubborn and the shit i've gotten over my hair from bosses and family member and friends' parents and such has made me dig in my heels, which is a stupid reason to do anything.

i got them put in at first because i was bored of just having long hair, and because radical politics and the diy punk subculture were really important to me, and this hair style seemed to dovetail into it nicely. i still think those things are important, and part of why i'm a little hesitant to cut my hair is that in some ways it feels like turning my back on things that have been really important to me for a long time. but it's also really shallow to think that what my hair looks like has anything to do with my views about hierarchy, capitalism, or consensus decision making, or that i have to throw out my old scratched up nausea cd if i get my hair cut. i think i just want to be open to growing and changing. that and my neck and back are a horrible mess and i'm sure the sheer weight of eight years of hair is contributing to it. and they're not very neat, or even, and i've probably got at least a half a pound of soap in them that i haven't been able to wash out and i'm probably never going to get rid of.

that and i'm kind of sick of being so recognizable - so many people in my town know me at a glance from my hair, and that still applies even in citie that are a decent car ride away. it's certainly not the only reason i feel like a semi-public figure, but i'm sure it contributes. and i feel like that semi-public figure is, again, someone from a long time ago and not someone who fits me all that well neccesarily.

still, the idea of cutting it all off is really scary. and if i do go through with it, it's probably going to be really intense. and i have no idea what sort of other hair to have, because, well, this has been what i've known for a really long time and i haven't really thought about it. and having dreads has been part of my identity for a really long time.
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I've been watching this community for over a year now trying to decide if i should do it, if i could take the plunge. I have wanted to dread my hair for as long as i can remeber, but people would always discourage me because my hair is exceptionally beautiful. As you can see in the photos it is very long, but thats just when its curly. When my hair is straight(which takes about 2 1/2 hours to complete) it is almost to my waist. It is super thick and everytime I take a shower I slave in front of the mirror from 15 to 30 mins just trying to brush it out, this is everyday let me remind you. I'm just done with it, and I think dreads are beautiful.I have watched this community for so long and you guys have no idea how much you give support to people who want or have dreads. So last night was the night, we started at 9:30pm and ended at 3:30am. But they are so ridicliously worth it.

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I haven't been this happy in a very very long time.