July 18th, 2007

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Hi my name is sara and i feel like a real annoyance lately :P

I swear I read recently about using dish soap instead of shampoo and that being an okay thing...
and i didn't see it in the memories(if it is there i am sorry sorry sorry i apologize for being a crummy looker) and i'm too sleepy to look back in the posts any further than i did we are a very active community yay : D

Two questions?

Is that an okay thing?

Does it require any extra rinsing?

Okay i lied 3 questions

any particular soap?

I think the green apple smells quite nice..

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Hello, I'm Joeke from the Netherlands :) I've been here for a couple of times and now i'm really bored and I can't sleep so i decided to finally join this community and post some of my pictures :)

When I was 14 i started to like dreadlocks a lot and decided to let someone dread my hair. I paid 200 euros for it. Never knew it could be free too, i didn't know anyone else with dreadlocks and i had no experience with it at all.

I liked them but when they were about a year old I wanted something else and cut them off. Ive had a mohawk for something like a year and last autumn I decided it was time for my new dreadlocks. ^^ I think they suit me better than normal hair, and there's just something about dreadlocks that makes me feel like letting them grow for yeaaars and yeaaaaars.. :D

My boyfriend made them, and I made some too. I wanted them to be thinner than my old dreads, also because both sides of my head were too short to dread and i wanted to have lots of dreads :)

Now my hair has grown quite a lot for half a year, and 2 months ago my boyfriend dreaded up the left side of my head too.
The right side of my head is still normal hair, and I think i keep it that way. I have two naturals already, which i like, and it's also nice to have some normal hair to touch and go through with your fingers :)

well, it's time for pictures :D!

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300 Gigs of music uploaded from CDs that were stolen from me and my photography from the past 5 years. Lost. So I don't have any/many pictures of my dreadlock progression anymore. However I do have some of it backed up on photobucket so at least there is that. Life is hard to me. But my dreadlocks get hard along with it.

And that's fine by me...

978 days

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