July 23rd, 2007

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repairing weak dreads (that have extensions)

I just checked the memories and found one tutorial on mending dreads. The pix were removed so I couldn't get the visual affect of the narrative. The OP was discussing how to do this in regular dreads anyway and since I wear extensions (that I can't take out by myself), my situation's a bit different.

To explain, I was palm rolling yesterday and saw this:

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I didn't see/feel any others, I am guessing the way I wrap my dreads around my head caused a weak spot in this one. At the end of the dread is the knot where my extension is added. I'm not sure how to repair my dread as a result.

I'm thinking maybe I should remove all my extensions-I was trying to wait another year to do it, but seriously, I have a lot of bulky dreads (despite my undercut). It's beginnning to be a bit tiresome plus I'm limited as far as hairstyles go. When wet, my dreads are a good 2 lbs. I'm just afraid that when I do, my tips will be in serious need of maintenance/cutting/whatever. They've been tied into fake hair for almost two years, none are the same length, etc...

Can someone give me advice as to what I should do? I've another inch of length below the weak spot on this dread. Dumb question: should I just cut it off?

Thank You!
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Family Vacation 2007

iwannabeemotoo and I went to stay with my family at a cottage on Lake Michigan last week. Here are some dready pictures that resulted.

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It was good times.

Oh! Also, we were in downtown Holland (Michigan) when a woman with short hair and a nose stud came up to Richard and I, asking us about our dreads. Her daughter wanted some, and she was afraid of messing them up if she tried to do them herself. I wrote down the GUDU address and told her to look in the memories, or if her daughter had a livejournal, she could join and see if there was anyone on here in the area who could help her. It was pretty cool, and the woman seemed like a pretty cool mom. I think she said her daughter was 15 years old. If you're on here, girl from the Holland area, hello! :)

Baby dreads!

My boyfriend and I decided to dread each other's hair (with help from a friend) to celebrate being together for six months. Pictures and questions after the cut. Warning, big pics.

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so i have read mems, and have a few questions...

i am planning on doing extensions... because of their varying lengths, etc, they don't look that neat down so i wind up wearing them up most of the day (and because of their lengths i mean high up and tight on my head, not just tied back loosely) which i think is probably stunting them and making them thinner... anyway, so i am thinking about just evening them out and putting all of them right past my shoulders so it looks better down.

so, here are my questions:

1. from research i see that extensions are only supposed to last like 4 months. however, i am assuming that this is a normal type of extensions... do we have a time limit on human hair combined and dreaded. i don't think so, but, i just want to check.

2. i know shrinkage is different from hair type to hair type, but does anybody know how much, on average, typical extensions shrink? i need to figure stuff out how much i need to buy...

3. anybody got any suggestions on where to buy? i am gonna go to sally's tomorrow and i have browsed ebay, but if anybody has any suggestions... all ears.