July 28th, 2007

  • heifer

another perhaps slightly annoying question

i am absolutely paranoid about cleanliness. i wash a couple times a week and i think i am going to rinse with the no poo method or something similar today. but i have been trolling around mems and this site a lot in the past couple of days to get the biggest picture i can on what i plan to do with my hair and i saw a recipe for a rinse, somewhere. but now i cannot find it again, because i can't find it in mems and i don't remember the whole context of the post and i have been in the archives as far back as 6 months ago in the past week, but i think it was posted by some chick who had cut her dreads off and had used this method to clean them really well once a month. it involved soaking her hair for a while, keeping it in for a half hour and then rinsing really well. she said she was a cleanliness freak and the first time she did it the water was black. i am apparently dumb and have read too many livejournal entries in the past week. anyway, any other recipes?

how do you deep clean your dreads?

it seems that there are a whole bunch of posts about how to wash them and care for them everyday, but not so much on any deep cleaning type rinses outside of baking soda (and the one in the mems).

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