July 29th, 2007


admirer wishing for dreads?

Hi, I'm new here (duh, I guess huh?) and this looks like a great community!

I used to really want dreads, but I was told that it would be best to grow out my relaxed hair to have the best healthiest locks I could have...well, I tried that for a year, and I HATED it. I don't think I'm bad at doing hair or anything, but trying to do 1/2 relaxed 1/2 natural hair was a serious pain in the ass, too much for me.

So I gave up on that dream, I was too lazy I guess. I kept getting my hair relaxed.

I've done a couple of friends' dreads, and just did another friend's today (my first time doing a white person's hair--it took SIX HOURS! is that normal??) and it all just makes me desire locks even more than I wanted them originally! I also found out that having relaxed hair is good for starting dreads because it's damaged and that helps the hair lock up! So, I have a couple of questions I was hoping people here could answer for me:

1. Would it be a good idea to dye hair within the week of dreading up hair? I would like to bleach parts of my hair (it's dyed black now) and dye it pink, if it would be okay. I admit my hair is beyond damaged now, because I had it dyed blue a couple of months ago and it's taken LOTS of dying to cover up the bleach and to get the colour to stop lightening. I figure the locking process would lose me lots of hair, but after that would breakage still be a big problem for me to face?

2. How likely would it be that I could keep bangs with the style and not get them matted up with the rest of the dreads, especially while they're locking up? I've got a big forehead and would like to keep it covered heh.

3. Finally, do you think I would look good with the style I described (if it would work out)? Pictures under the cut.
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And then one day I got dreads!

About 2 weeks ago I asked my trainers at work wether dreads would in no uncertain terms get me booted out of my (fairly) new job. they said word to the effect of, "What? Dreads? Quite a few people here have had them, I rember this one girl who had long white ones...*then they started reminiscing*

Indide I was jumping, ive wanted dreads sine I was 15. Im nearly 23 now. Thats a long wait. Whats stopped me? Misinformation from salaons. Personal doubt. Employment. Being too busy at college/university.

Well now Im a graduate, with a job so It felt right. Especailly as its (a rather wet) summer.

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And Now, PHOTOS!

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Day 1
I am. Extremely. Pleased.

Roll on bumps, loops, fuzzy hair, undreaded roots, shrinkage and all the other dread related teething problems. Im ready for ya!

Heres to the next few years, may they be knotty and blonde.
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