July 31st, 2007

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my fire spinning dreadhead

as promised, i put up two more videos on joe's myspace page. click here for one of them. click here for another!

the other three i've uploaded can be seen at: http://www.myspace.com/gorthok.

on the beach last weekend:

ps, it's joe's birthday today! so feel free to leave lots of annoying birthday comments here or on his lj: gorthok. :D there will be a full write-up on his party & the amazing present i got for him on my lj later tonight. for those of you who haven't yet seen him naked, & those who want to fondly remember having already seen him naked, the naughty_knotty post still remains available here. enjoy!

i need advice!!!!

this october my dreads will be 4 years old. seems pretty crazy...i know. even to me. it doesn't feel like it at all. i have dyed them many times; bleached and black and red etc. i have changed them a little over the years...trimming the ends, ripping some off and letting some grow together, bangs in the front, beads, etc.

but now i feel like its time for a change. see the situation is this: i am from ohio, but i'm in australia studying for 4 months at school, and i need a change. i want something different. my goal for my dreads is for them to be half way down my back (which they are not at), so completely cutting them off isn't quite what i'm thinking, but i need something. more bangs, maybe. layered? i don't know. a new color? might help but not a big enough change. so i've been looking through some pictures on here and ones i have saved from gudu over the years...but i thought i would throw this out there. for anyone who loves changing their hair, which should be all of you, please help! most of the time i wear them back, so i'll do my best to find some pictures that justify them... thank you kindly.

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I've been wanting to post a picture of this kid for a very long time, because he is ridiculously cute, and has nice dreads.
I had his Aunt hold my camera for me on Saturday, and she ended up taking a couple.
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