August 3rd, 2007

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-sigh- Hey again.

Once again, two questions.

1: What do you say to people when they make negative comments?
A VERY good friend of mine just said this to me:
"youll look so stupid and knowing you youll probably get all insecure about it. no offense."

2: How old are you all?

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My dreads will be nine months on the sixteenth. I havent posted pictures since they were five months, so in light of the fact that I work at an overnight summer camp (I come home Friday night and get Saturday off, then go back early Sunday) I thought I'd post some pictures. They're pretty weird for the most part because of the fact that all the pictures are from my summer camp, so excuse the weird faces I may be making, the small children running rampant around me, or anything else that seems quite out the ordinary. Some of the content is pretty obscure. Ill have even better, more outlandish pictures at the end of the summer when all the staff compiles all their pictures from the whole summer onto one disk.

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7 months old!

After living in Korea for 18 years, I finally had to move to Southern California to start college.
I've been here for about a month and I've been having the biggest/worst culture shock ever!

I've only seen two people with dreads so far; one guy seemed to have fairly young ones, maybe less than 3 months?  The other had solid, thick ones all the way down to his butt.

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