August 6th, 2007

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i'm about to start marching band again, and my 3-year-old dreads are longer and fatter than ever. everyone in the band has to look the same, and i have a rough time hiding my dreads. last year, i ended up putting half in my helmet (with all of the padding taken out to make more room) and shoving the rest down my cape. however, i'm half-afraid and half-hoping that won't work this year because it was so uncomfortable last year.

so here's my question: if i cut my dreads shorter, do you think, physically, they'd fit in my helmet easier?

i'd probably cut them in layers, but mostly around chin length. i figure they'd might fit because the length adds a lot of bulk, but they might not because they're still wicked fat. i don't want to cut them for nothing...i love them too much and have waited too long for them to get this length!


here's a picture from march-ish, but my hair looks the same:

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so, its summer. I live on the ocean and in a tent so I go swimming a lot. These facts are awesome.
NOT awesome though, is that I'm worried that my hair is going to get moldy. I've read the memories and someone said something about mildew not liking salt.
so my question is this...
will I get moldy if the water in my hair is salty? I mean, I wash my hair with normal water about once a week, but the rest of the time its ocean water and then its so humid here some times that I dont think my dreads dry all the way all the time.

How long does it take for mold to start growing? How do I know if I have mold? I know how to get rid of it (vinegar and baking soda rinses right?) but I just dont want to have to have it at all.

and for good measure:
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