August 8th, 2007


so i dyed my hair again...
i was fed up with the blond dreads so i made them black with a blue shine and the front was still white ( on purpose ) so then i dyed that part "midnightblue".
 ( but actually i liked the white better, a bit stupid )
i still like my hair though, and here are some pictures !

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dreadlock extensions

So, I just joined this comm looking for info on how to extend my already existing dreadlocks, and found all kinds of cool and useful information. So I bought some hair, made a few synth dreads and tried to crochet them into my hair, when I ran into a snag (so to speak! lol), in that my dreads are so solid and tight that I could not get the crochet needle through it to save my silly life!
Is there any way around this or an alternative to getting them in???
Boo. :(
lady parts

New Dreads

I posted here about a month or so ago with pictures of my dreads. Well, since then I took those ones out, and had someone who had already done 5 other peoples hair redo mine. They are now thinner, and more amazing then ever. They are a week to two weeks old in these pictures.
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(no subject)

i fucked up... i cut mine off... i'm having SERIOUS regret. i was having headaches and the temperature here was up over 100. it was almost a spontaneous decision, i did sleep on it but i didn't really think about it very long. i was excited and happy for about 24 hours and now i can't stop crying. oh, what have i done?!? 2.5 years of dreads, 6 years worth of hair, i guess i'm going through an intense energy shift and maybe i should just wait for it to pass but DAMNIT.

um, has anyone tried to put theirs back? like, dread the ends of what you combed out into what you cut off? it sounds kind of desperate but i'm seriously considering trying.

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