August 14th, 2007


newbie - pictures

beyonddreams sent me here ages ago, when i was still desperately wanting dreadlocks and not able to have them. it's been fun watching this community. 3 weeks(ish) ago, i finally started on my own :)

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we didn't really backcomb tightly enough all over, and it seems like quite a few have about 6 inches of quite tight knots from the tips, and then are fairly loose from there to my scalp. for the moment i'm just ignoring that, hoping they'll sort themselves out a few months down the line, and directing the boyfriend to that bit of my head when he complains about the scratchy scratchy dreads. heh.

so, yeah. they're messy and uneven, and i adore them. this place has been a lot of help, the memories are ace :)
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Questions about washing

I read through most of the 18 memories entries on washing, but I didn't really see this stuff exactly.

1. When people say "Wash your hair around once a week," I'm assuming people take more than one shower a week. So by washing do you mean "with shampoo" or do you mean getting them wet at all? If you take 4 showers a week and only wash your dreads fully one of those 4 times, the other 3 times do you just get them wet, or completely cover them in a showercap?

2. How do you dry dreads? I'd imagine if you rubbed a towel all over them they'd get towel fuzzies stuck all up in them. And if you let them airdry, wouldn't they be dripping wet all over the place and take hours to dry?