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Attention loose hair folks in San Diego! [19 Aug 2007|02:04pm]
If anyone's in the market for a couple of felting needles, I got em. Comment if you want em! They're easy enough to order, but I have no use for them, and I'm just giving them away.  I'll just charge S&H if you're too far. Otherwise, come pick em up!

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a year next month. [19 Aug 2007|11:08pm]
though the front few(three on my left side and one on my right-you can tell by the ones sticking out)are almost a month old. i had my face all done up nicelike a little while ago. the healing is going swimmingly. btw, the cheeks, right nostril, and high nostrils are new.
and i know this is a dark picture, but i enjoy it.

i miss you guys.

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