August 21st, 2007

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Ha shit - I really don't enjoy when things like this happen.  I was just driving home w/ the windows down enjoying myself, when I looked in the rear view mirror.  Something happened to catch my eye.  "Is that something moving in my hair?"  OH SHIT!  Yup, that's a lil bug crawlin around.  

Guy musta flown in my window or somethin and picked a prime landing spot!

....gross lol
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screw knottyboy

i am OFFENDED at the amount of shit they do wrong in the new knottyboy how-to video, not the least of which is using that much fucking wax & encouraging people to use it 2-3 TIMES PER WEEK.

talk about deceiving the public to sell a product.


Baby fatty?

I plan on going all out with dreads when I graduate high school as a right of passage kind of deal. To hold me over I have had this one dread behind my ear since early June.

Tonight I got the itch and made another that turned out a little thicker than I thought. I know it will tighten up but right now its a big poof ball.

I was wondering if I backcombed enough.

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So I looked all over the memories and found nothing.

I washed my hair today at my aunts and she uses a lot of water softener (we's out in da country). As I was rinsing out my shampoo, it felt as if I still had suds in it, even though I had been rinsing for quite some time. The babies feel fine, just really soft when they were wet. I was just a little worried cause I don't want them to go all soft on me like Hulk Hogan in the Nanny...

Anyone else have lots of softener in their water? How does it treat your dreadies?

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