August 22nd, 2007

Young Dreads, Surfing - damage control?

My dreads will be a month old this weekend, and I just bought a spanking new board and want to get myself in the cold North Sea this weekend. Ive looked through the memories on salt water and swimming to see what to be prepared for. Im not worried about trapped sea water, washing or rinsing, Im cool with that.

I imagine a days sea splashing will unravel my tips quite a bit and possibly create a wealth of loose hair, but im more concerned by the fact some of my roots are quite loose; and fear the cruel mistress that is the sea may do quite a bit of damage to my little ones.

Would tying them back, possibly in pig tails prevent any unnessecarry tugging? I realise this would create the possibility of rots matting together though.

Would a plain braid or pony tail be advisable or should i just let them loose and let the sea do its worst?
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