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bye bye dreadies? [23 Aug 2007|01:45am]

i made this drawing of me and my boyfriend not that lang ago,
but right now i'm thinking about losing my about 4 year old dreads.
but as always, i'm not sure :')

do you have any tips or just some crazy adventures about 'taking them out'?
how is the best way to do it? (i heard about olive oil?)
and how to make your hair smooth again after it?
especially when you've had them for such a long time?

here are a lot of pictures of me, just to see how they've grown and you all can say 'no don't do iiiit!' and keep me doubting only more!Collapse )
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Update after 2057934 years. [23 Aug 2007|08:47am]
[ mood | awake ]

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Hay sup.

Four more heeereCollapse )

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violet dreadss [23 Aug 2007|10:20am]
Hello! I put violet in my hair yesterday and thought maybe I would share how they've been looking. They turn two this January. :D

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here!Collapse )
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Dread Action Shot Post, anyone? [23 Aug 2007|11:02pm]
[ mood | creative ]

Everyone post their best dread action shots!
They're fun and they look hella good!
(yes, I said "hella")

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