August 25th, 2007

Short dreads question

I haven't seen this mentioned, so if it's discussed in the memories you're going to have to give me a link, because I can't find it.

I know that the absolute shortest people have made dreads is 3", and that they're little nubby things, but I was wondering what length the absolute shortest un-nubby dreads are.

I'm growing my hair out from shaving it and I'll hit three inches sometime next month, and I'm debating just going with little nubby things or waiting longer.

New to the community


I would like to say hello to everyone here, and say that I am glad that I finally found a dread community that believes in washing and maintaince. I was starting to get really scared of the don't wash your hair folks on some of them.

Anyway, I am in Denver, Colorado and I think I have wanted dreads ever since I can remember, I make my own peyote stitch bead wraps and other dread decorations. I try to stay mostly natural only using a very tiny bit of wax when the boss gives me the hairy eyeball, no pun intended. (she likes them to be as frizz free as possible.) I just started my dreads about a month ago. I was hoping you guys could look at some pics (they aren't very good) and tell me how you think they are coming along. It took me four days to do the backcombing... oh the pain, but they were very tight.

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Sorry the pictures aren't better I am hoping a friend of mine can take some with a much better camera soon.
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I had backcombed dreads for about 7 months last year, but about a week after my friend did them for me, I relalised that i really would have preferred natural dreads so i just stopped doing mantenance to them. Then in november and december I got really paranoid about bugs in my hair (though there were none, yey anxiety) and combed them out little by little over a month.

Three months ago I decided to try again, naturally this time.

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I'm looking for someone in Orange County, California who is willing to help me start my dreads. I'm able to pay some money. Please email me at for more information.

Thanks much.

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13 months old. i lost my crochet hook so my dreadies are crazy messy all over the place. blah. these might be their last month before i comb them out. i do not know. its a fun journey though.