August 26th, 2007


I'm new here but my dreadies will be a year old October 8th :) I love them and it's been so great!

I'm envious of all the beautiful dreads I've seen here so far! Thumbs up to this entire community!

Here's a big handfull of random pictures with the loves of my life!

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Alright so awhile ago, at the beginning of the year I believe, I posted an entry in here. I was talking about considering getting dreads but was somewhat nervous. 

But, I just figured I'd come on here to say, I'm finally getting them! This coming Sunday. Today I went to Headlines and picked out a couple beads to hopefully put in them at some point. Before I was scared but now I feel like Sunday can't come soon enough. The only downside is what my parents are going to say. :/ oh well, I'm excited.

Wish me luck!


Dread noob

I've been looking into getting dreadlocks for quite a while now, ever since I've started to notice how wild and unruly my hair really is. I've just been concerned about everything coming with the dreads; maintenance, possible smell, and obviously, discrimination, especially at school or when trying to get a job

Really, I just wanted to know how you guys get around the issue of smelly hair. Also, whether or not any of you have been denied a job because of your hair, because I have already with the hair I have currently. And, one more thing (jeez I ask for a lot), how long would my dreads be if I were to do them right now?

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just a few pictures from coney island this week. Theyre 11 months old. Weird.
I made a few new babies on the front of my head to thin out my bangs, so its funny looking right now but I like it.
Also, this summer I put silk strings and bells in my hair, I like it a lot.

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