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Soo... [27 Aug 2007|12:55am]
[ mood | excited ]

I'm pretty confused.

I know I want to start dreads, and I know I won't regret it, I've wanted them for so long.. but I have some questions. I read through all of the memories, and didn't really see anything..

I've had a couple of dreads before.. I was curious, so I made two dreads, without sectioning, using dread wax, (now I know not to use any). Then I took those out, and yesterday I made another dread to see what the difference was without wax, I saw a big difference..

I now have decided I want to do a full head but my questions are...

how do you get em' all poofy-like? ( i dont know how else to put it, lol ) but when I see pics of new dreads, they're always afro-like. the thing is.. mine dont look like that when I do them. is that bad? does that mean I'm not doing them correct??

I've heard dreads turn out best when done extremely tight, and to get them as tight as you can, and then I've heard loose dreads turn out best. What do you guys think?

last question..

do you have any videos or pictures showing how to backcomb correctly, so I know I'm doing it right? ..i can't seem to find any good ones..FUCK KNOTTYBOY!!!..ahem, sorry.

k..yeah, I think that's it.

i know you guys like photos:PCollapse )

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new dread head :D [27 Aug 2007|11:09am]

ello lovlies! 

wells i did it! after watching all your wonderful heads transform into beauties, i decided to dread my head as well... :D right now i have 15 dreads and hopefully will finish by the end of this week! 

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help me? (i hope this isnt frowned upon) [27 Aug 2007|12:02pm]
i want to start my hair, but i'm afraid to do the back on my own.  my only friend with dreads is liberian, and she isn't sure she'll know what to do with white girl hair. 
is there anybody in the providence/worcester/boston area that i can bribe to help me?
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Dreads at 1 month! [27 Aug 2007|09:38pm]
[ mood | happy ]

Well after my surfing post, with all good intenetions, 3 days off work and a new board I went to the coast. And was there any surf? Was there bollocks. Grrr. I gave my tips a dip in the sea as a personal ceremony to their first month.

Theyre coming along swimmingly, Im gettings some really cool loops forming, which i take as a good sign (i.e they're dreading.) i think ill get rid of my loose fringe/bags soon, its annoying plus I love my dreads so much i want rid of the brushable hair I have left.

I also took out all bar 2 of my beads. they annoyed me. Plus my dreads, like thier owner, look better nude. ;)

Im still mad about them, they're great! So lets have some pics!!

Dreads - 1 Month

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