August 28th, 2007

I have a question about Dr. Bronners.

I know it's not residue free, but you CAN still use it, correct?
I'm a little bit dumb to stuff like this, can anyone help me out here?

And by the way, my dreads are currently a work in progress, about half of my head is done because my boyfriend gets tired of doing it after like 2 seconds, i started them on Sunday. Ha. And they definetly didn't shrink up as much as i thought they would.
Oh well, as long as they get done.

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Anyone have any interest in doing a swap? I have oodles of beads from a hemp jewelry obsession, and so I am not allowed (by myself of course :P) to go bead shopping. I really want a turtle bead though. Or anything interesting. Takers? If you don't want beads, I'll send you a piece of hemp jewelry. I'm in a mood for sending people mail. :p
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13ish months.

ugh, i woke up at 4 today but i didn't have to work so i've just been bumming around all day.
BUT THAT MEANS now you have to look at these [shitty webcam] Collapse )

*edit/p.s. i just saw these knot-teas ( ) on Knotty boy... someone tell me what they do (besides smell nice) and also, i can just use my own tea, right?
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I crashed my car today (because I'm stupid, and yes, I'm fine, surprisingly) and now I have tons of little pieces of shattered glass all through my scalp and roots (mostly just the top of my head).

How the fuck do I get them all out?!

How I created a baby dread and combined it with and older dread.

Ok I have a confession. My first dread-month was a test to see how much i'd like them. I love them, so now I have a dreaded fringe/bangs!

my prblem was this. I had enough for 2 big dreads at the front either side of my part, but there was a big triangular section of fluffy baby hair that was too weedy for its own dread - too big to let loose.

So looking closely at and the memories and then I dived in!

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Sorry the pics are blurry - but I hope you enjoyed and found it informative!!
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my name is renêe and i have an interest in getting dreads. i just dont know how. i would love to hear from anyone who has any tips, or suggestions. 
i am an 18 year old college student in alabama, i know, the asshole of america, and currently attend Wallace Community College. but seriously any suggestions would make my day. i hope to get to know everyone a little better in the future.

Live the Life you Love, Love the Life you Live,

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Thank you lish for your how-to for the hair color. I am a cosmetologist, but I was rather clueless as to how I was going to color my dreadies... Is it ok that I use that information in the salon if someone should ask me about coloring dreads?

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