September 1st, 2007


First birthday of my dreads

I've had dreads for an year now, so I guess it's their first birthday. Yay! They have been made by me and one of my best friend. I helped him to take dreads four months later, but he cut them off last month, leaving only one long dread back on his head. I think it looks quite cool with that long beard he has :D

Some details about my dreads. Made with backcombing and some felting needles, which are quite handy. I wash my dreads with liquid pine soap once a week, I'm not really sure if it's translated that way. It's quite typical to wash your carpets, sauna and.. dreads here in Finland with that, because it's natural soap with some good smelling oils in it. It makes your hair more dry so they tight more easily. Even Finnish Wikipedia advices to use it, so it's really common to use it with your hair.

Enough with the blaa blaa blaa. Here's some pics! :)

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I think I'll make an birthday pizza for my dreads, but I probably will let my mouth handle it this time :)
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