September 6th, 2007


help! loose hairs are not dreading in

Couldn't find this in the memories.

Anyway, my dreads are 2.5 yrs old. For the most part they are doing really well...Except for one problem! I have all these loose hairs that are not dreading in on their own. I have rubbed/palmrolled them and wrapped them with yarn. But new ones keep sprouting up (feels like every d*mn day!). Unfortunately most of the chunks are not big enough to become dreads of their own, and a lot of the time they come from a weird spot where they cannot dread well with a nearby dread--usually by my ears, it just feels and looks awkward.

Any advice? TIA!!



Sorry for the unnecessary post, and it’s unfortunate to say I have nothing to bare… but I really just wanted to thank everybody who posts, past or present, for your stories, timelines, pictures, questions and advice.
Every word has helped me prepare for the regeneration of my physical appearance, my hair, my dreadlocks, which will be the catalyst to a deep burning happiness surging right through my soul.
You are all beautiful.

Keep the peace, keep on posting! and thanks again.

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This is a very cool forum where you can see the progress of everybody's dreads, discuss about dreads or other things.
The forum is in Dutch, but if you're from another country you can still watch the pictures of all the dreads because they're worth it :)
You can find the pictures here

oh and I did a photoshoot :) I've put one in this post.. I'll post the other ones sometime later :)
I think they turned out nicely. :)