September 7th, 2007

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I want to spike my dreds out in every different direction, make it look like I was struck by lightening... something completely crazy like that. My dreds aren't very long - max 8" - but I'm concerned that (A) they're too heavy to spike effectively and (B) washing out the gel/whatever will prove difficult. Does anybody have *personal* experience with attempting to spike out dreds?

growing in flat

please shoot me if this turns out to be in the memories =\

i've been lurking for a bit over a year now,
i've had my dreads for a couple of months
and my problem is,
its seems to be that the rroots are growing in and matting up,
however, while they are matted,
some of them (from asorted areas on my head) are flat and spread from one side of the section
to the other side of the section
sorry i dont have pictures, i dont have a camera
so its hard to explain, but please tell me if you didn't get that
and i'l try to explain better

now i read in the memories that that can happen if the sections aren't square enough.
but they are almost PERFECTLY square (a few of them are triangles, but those ones are doing alright)
so im unsure whats  going on
no matter how much i roll them, they still stay flat
do you think they might fix themselves?

also, i understand that the dreadlock is usually a little smaller than the section
but what about WAYY smaller?
they've been shrinking width wise, but not length
they were pretty skinny to begin with even though i have 37
like, at the back of my head, there is a large amount of space between one dread and the next
and a lot of root showing
maybe i'm just jealous of all you fulled-headed dreaded beauties?

anyways, i'm sorry for the newbie questions
and i'm super sorry if this is in the memories =\
i checked, i swear =P

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Hello everyone, I'm new here and am completely excited I found this community.
I don't have dreads yet, I'm letting my hair grow until Spring and then I'll be starting them.
I met a coworker with absolutely gorgeous dreads. I gave her a compliment on them and she mentioned that she can do them for me and directed me to the sisterlocks website so I could see for myself that she's on their list for taking classes.
I talked to her about the method she uses. She basically backcombs a section of hair, combs the knot towards the tip of the section to secure it tightly, flips the dread a few times by pulling the back combed area through itself with a crochet hook while switching angles, and then repeats the entire process throughout the length of the dread. She did one for me so far so I could see how they would look and it didn't have the braided look at all, considering I had her do a dread about the width of my pinky finger. Should I steer clear of this method? The dread was very tight, surprisingly, and looked great. I took it out with conditioner when I got home since I looked silly with one dread with a short hair cut.
My hair will be about 5 inches long when I plan on having her start my dreads for me, and once they are started I'm planning on doing little to no maintenance with no flipping whatsoever. I checked memories to see if this method was mentioned at all, and I looked at sisterlocks for information on what the teach. To my understanding they don't teach this but she's acquired her own way of doing it for caucasian hair and says it's a good start. Any advice?