September 10th, 2007

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girls night

so me and my girls had a girls night on saturday, here are some pics that kinda show how long my hair is getting! my dreads turned 6 back in may.
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omg its ME!

genetically induced baldness

so, im not loosing hair yet (i hope) but i look at all my male ancestors and they all started going bald at a young age (around mine give or take a few years) and i know that rogain or other stuff supposedly helps some guys. does anyone have an opinion on using it on the roots of the front of my head for preventive reasons? honestly i dont see how the stuff can work at all....but hey...

Update:when i said "all my male ancestors" i was including my mother's side/father.
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Synth Dreads

Probably a long shot, but does anyone here live in the Metro-Detroit area know how to work with synth dreads? I recieved a pair but they need to be tightened/re-rolled and possibly put in my hair. If you can help please let me know!
snake eye

dread update

The dreads are getting old now. They're about two years (and a few months). Over the summer, the Florida sun really lightened them up a lot. My hair is insane though, so it was able to regain its original color within about a month. All I do is wash them and separate them during washing.

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Also, I think I started with 33 dreads, but just got 32 on a quick count. I'll count again when I wash and keep everyone updated. haha.