September 11th, 2007

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what's up!
my hair is growing at lightspeed and i lovelovelove it.
a few weeks ago i visited ahna/thecatdoesdrugs in boston. we had a sleepover party and traded dreads. we didn't get to hang out long thanks to me getting a lame summer cold, but i'm going back sooonsoon!

i'm very much single now, sophomore year here at pratt is under way and i'm busy as a bumblebee and i love it!

here's me as of late-

the first time i've seen the back of my head in awhile!

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Campfire smell?

Does anyone know a good way to get campfire smell out of your dreads? I went camping over labor day and I washed my dreads when I got home and I washed them again last night but they STILL smell like campfire!! It's getting kind of gross. I have DreadHead shampoo, by the way.
I am weary of washing them more because my dreads are only 2-3 months old and they get all whacked out after I wash them.

Thank you! :)


this summer i saw a girl in a coffee shop with the bottom half of her head dreaded, and the top half straight. it looked freaking sweet.

i'm getting dreads in january and haven't decided if i want to do the whole head, just leave my bangs out, or just dread the underneath part. the girl i saw had her hair in a bun, so it was smooth on top and there was a crazy beautiful pile of dreads in the back. however, i'd like to see what it looks like down. i've looked through a ton of posts and only found a few people with bangs and one girl with straight hair on top/dreads on the bottom.

are there any more of you out there? i'd really like to see combinations of dreaded and non-dreaded hair before i decide what to do. if you guys have pictures that would be awesome.