September 15th, 2007

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Parisian Dreads

Well, bonjour a tous.
I've just come back from fête de l'humanité in Paris, and it was bloody awesome. Many, many dreadies, so many lovely hippies and communists. Hurrah for them and their very cheap festival! I was wondering if anyone else on this thing was there?
Also, as I've never formally introduced myself with pictures (photograph-phobic (!), technophobic, very un-photogenic etc) since I stopped brushing my hair last October, I thought maybe I would do this time.
So hello! I'm Simon, from England but just moved to Paris to improve French, meet some cool people, have one of those 'life adventure' things... And I'm looking for new friends in the area - today made me quite homesick, as in a festival back home (Sheffield, Yorkshire) I would have known quite a few people at a festival like fête de l'huma, but today I only knew the two I went with. Anyway.
Will try to do a cut, if it fails, please do shout at me (with constructive ways to cut it) and I will do so as soon as I can. Same goes for if they're too big (I know it's quite annoying!), but I'm on a friend's mac, and really don't know how to use it!
Merci a tous.

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ve been realising, as my dreads started to firm up and tighten, that quite a few of them really wanted to be two dreads. Some because htey were thicker than my thumb. some because they were separating at the root.

So i've split five of htem in two. It took at least an hour per dread. I massaged them to get htem to loosen up a bit, and i rppen and eased where i could, but on some parts, i had to use a knife rather often. it went ok at most of them, although i now ook rather woolly. But one was so hard that getting the knife wanted to avoid the middle of the dread, and I ended up with on tick and long, and one 2inches long. I breaided some synth hair into it, to prevent it from standing straight up so now i've got a dread that ends up in a braid.

But i'm amazes at hte person in the memories who managed to do this on her year old dreads, seeing as I had a hard time on dreads that were just two months old.
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Hey, I have about 10 dreads in my hair, and have been contemplating getting them for about a year now. I have done the research, and found the perfect person to do them. She's done a few test dreads and I am very happy with them.

The thing is, I'm 16 and although I feel that they are right for me, I really don't want to just go and make them without my mom's consent. When I mentioned them to her she simply said no, and when I asked why she shrieked "BECAUSE THEY ARE DREADLOCKS!! WHEN YOU ARE OUT OF HIGH SCHOOL."

I don't know if I should push the topic and possibly cause some unnecessary arguing, or just let it go and keep my few until I graduate.

To me the idea of having something growing with you and as you become more mature and wise is really intriguing. That and they look fabulous and each set has a look of their own.

I am a cosmetology student and to me well kept dreads would be a great way to not have to worry about my own hair, since Ill be working on other people all day. I am looking into specializing in dreads and in the future to get into runway hair.

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