September 20th, 2007

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that didn't take long

I started my dreads in early June, and I have loved them so much, and there were some great memories of hairdying and dreading this summer, but it's time to let the first batch go :( I've been going through a rough time lately, and I needed to get some weight off. I started trying to comb them out, but I had been washing them a lot lately and not drying them properly, so I think they're moldy. I smell like my hamster. I guess that means it's time for a buzzcut, so in a year or so when my hair grows back out, I'll try again. So goodbye dreads, hello a year of awkward hair :) It's been a great experience though, and I really hope to be able to give them the attention they deserve some day and have beautiful dreads like you all :)

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so, today is my one year dread birthday.
so heres a timeline...yeah.

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I dont have any pictures of my head from today because my camera broke, but maybe later I'll borrow bellyflowers's camera or something.

this year I've lost my mind, found it, lived in the woods and lost 30lbs. I've thought about cutting off my dreads many times but I'm glad I didn't. I'm looking forward to seeing what they're going to become.

allo! (insight at 2 weeks)

My hair has been a growing work in progress, but finally all of it has become dreads besides the very front bangs.

I've seen a lot of commentary here about the use of rubber bands and wax, so I thought I would offer my personal experience so far with these. My dreads started sort of randomly underneath my hair as clumps, then I formed those into dreads, and then eventually they became really important to me and I kept going.

rubber bands: My personal opinion is that it probably depends on your hair type. I used rubber bands on mine and in some ways I regret it. They did help my cause at the roots due to the fact that I have layered lengths of hair, and before I put them in I looked like I had a tarantula on my head, flailing legs in every which way. I put the rubber bands loosely in the top, which sort of calmed down the tentacle effect. However, I am cutting them out in the next few days because they're really now unnecessary. Since I used them loosely, I could feel the roots still locking up and the hair could move around. The thing I do regret though, is putting rubber bands on the ends. I think Lish is right in that doing nothing to new dreads is probably the best idea. since my hair is layered, and my dreads are sort of randomly placed...they didn't coincide with hair lengths. So what I had was all these ends spiking out everywhere. Therefore, for the first little while I have rubber bands on the ends too. But this really did delay the locking up of the ends. I wouldn't recommend it. But I guess it's live and learn. Hair DOES need to move around to lock up. (obviously these rubber bands are gone now!)

Wax: I've only used it sparingly, only when I first put them in to at least keep them together a little. but no more than a tiny little bit. and it does NOT wash out right away.

I would also beware of the things people tell you to use when they're trying to sell you something. I think they have good intentions but they DO want you to buy their products. I've learned that one of the most important things is finding your own way to work on your dreads, because you know your hair best.

Overall, my dreads have become really important friends in life so far. They are a very serious part of my mental/spiritual/physical daily rituals.

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Hey, I posted a wile back promising a timeline, but then my computer crashed so I lost most of my pictures. I've done some digging and I finely found some pictures on my sisters computer.

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family's reaction to dreadlocks?

so ive noticed lots of people lately talking about how they want dreads but their parents/boyfriend/girlfriend thinks they are unattractive. my mom was really cool, since the beginning she just talks about how amazing it is that i got my hair to lock up, how theyre a work of art, whimsical, etc etc. how did your family react to your dreads initially?
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