September 23rd, 2007

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hi all!! i've posted here once and commented a couple of times, but nothing for awhile. anyhow, my dreads are 5 months today, and they're starting to mature faster and faster. i've colored them reccently, so i think that helped them to lock up. i don't do much in the way of maintenence, besides palmrolling them after i've cleaned them. i think it really helps quite a bit though.

i also wanted to ask if anyone in this community lives in humboldt. i just moved to arcata from LA/OC, and i need new friends!

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happy first day of fall!/dreads one week

hi, my name is alexandra. Ive been lurking gudu for a long long time...and now i can finally post ;). I was going to post the first day i got dreads buuut im shy!

A week ago i gathered up all my courage, and thought to myself that I never do the things i want to because Im scared what the people i love will think. and then i thought that, they'll love me no matter what i do, even if they dont agree with it. I was the most scared to show my mom because she means the most to me and i know she hasnt liked it when i had a couple dreads in the past. but actually a couple days after they were finished she told me that she really did like them :) so that made me really happy. and all my sisters were supportive with the idea, and my boyfriend too. It took my boyfriend four days, because we worked on it inbwteen school days, work, ect. and when i showed my boss my hair and told her that i'll wear them up if she wants me to, her reply was "no! it's your hair! now we can put beads in them and dress them up!" (because i work at a bead store)! so im definitely really fortunate to be around open minded people that are so sweeeeet! and Im so happy I finally have dreads, Ive wanted them for years and now it just feels right. at school i got the "white girls cant have dreads" comment but I just told the girls that anybody with any skin colour can have whichever hairstyle they want. haha, and that was that!

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Whats up people - I am new here

Hey all !  Just found this community via someone in the Seattle community

I have had dreads for about 5 years now - finally to a point that they are getting easier to handle and take care of.  I personally got mine first started at Boreseno's barber shop in Seattle (on the ave) and then I travel up to the Knotty Boy dread salon in Vancouver about once a year to get them deep cleaned and tidied up.  But the folks and Knottyboy did a great job teaching me to maintain them myself - (I use the crochet hook method)...

SO....I am pumped to meet dreaded folks on here - get tips - I love to help people starting out (DONT USE WAX!!) and sharing things that have worked and havent worked for me. 

I am in the process of finding someone to help me round my tips sure I will find that here...You all can call me M -i look forward to meeting some of you...

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difficult decision to make...

.. So after a very through wash I was doing my bi weekly "sew in all the loose crap" and looked at some of my dreads. Ive been a bit unhappy with several of them for a while. Its kinda hard to describe but its a product of bad backcombing on my behalf.

They looked like this for the last 3rd of the dread (about 6 inches)

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the brown lines are the hair "inside" and the yellow the outside. Looking closely at them they were mostly loose hair held together with some really flimsy criss cross knots. I did an experiment with one dread. I undid it (which took a whopping minute - it *was* shitty backcoming on my behalf) and I was right, there really was next to nothing holding it together.

I undid another 8 or so all a 3rd up (6-7 in) and some were so crap i could just pull them apart with my fingers!

*sigh* so ive re backcombed the ends. properly. they look loads better now. Wether they will continue to remians to be seen,.

has anyone else done something similar to this?

I hope I've not fucked my dreads up, but I really think that having left them they'ed have looked shite (in my opinion). So well well see what happens. I think taking a 2 month step back in development will all future steps forward are more solid!

Age and perceptions

Hey.  This is my virgin lj post.  I've spent most of my time here at gudu, because I've been considering dreading my hair for months now.  I have a couple of questions for all you experts. :)

I have the feeling that I'm older than the average poster here.  IRL, I haven't seen anyone older than college age that actually has dreads.  I guess I'm wondering what your (the average dreadhead here) perception of an "older" person wearing dreads would be.  I have a feeling it would be accepting, as you lot seem to be of that nature from what I've read.  Not that I particularly care what people think about me--obviously, considering my potential choice of hairstyle--but I am interested.  I like to think that I would be the cool soccer mom, rocking my minivan with dreads and NIN, ha ha.  Or I may just be one of the biggest dorks in the world, but that's okay.

Secondly, do any of you who color use henna?  I've been hennaing my hair for a couple of years now, and I really don't want to give that up.  I know the standard method of application probably won't work, but I did find a way to make a gel application without any of the grit.  I'm just curious if anyone does it the normal way.

Thanks for the input.

out of time

shorter dreads!

Only two shots, thus far...

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

My head's been a lot lighter. There were a lot of weak spots I found; I'm glad I took the xtensions off. My dreads look (and feel!) like little snakes. I feel a lot more Medusa-like...