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MY LOCKS ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY <3 POST! [25 Sep 2007|04:48pm]
Ah... one whole year since i went all knotty...so here it is, before, after, and the long and winding road. I love my dreaddies. They have become such a part of who I am, I'm glad i finally ditched the hair falls, grew some balls and did it!

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my one dread. [25 Sep 2007|07:08pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]

sometime in the beginning of june i decided to back comb a lock of hair.
i did, and then i had my very own, first, baby dread.
i cared for it, making sure to not get conditioner in it.
washed it a couple of times with this residue free shampoo i got from my local heath food store.
i didnt use any rubber bands
and i didnt use any goo.
just back combing
palm rolling
and some crocheting here and there.
im going to admit that i did flip the roots a couple times
in the first month or so... but as soon as i found out
that it wasnt really the preferred method, i tried to unflip
what had been flipped...
i think it is better now.
ive been rubbing the root in a clockwise motion and its
gotten a lot tighter this week.
im so happy i took the time to read the memories.
its lost a lot of lengthCollapse )

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celebrations! [25 Sep 2007|09:31pm]
my dreads are officially two years old this month. :D hooray! in honor thereof, i gave them a birthday present!Collapse )

i hope that was fun to look at. :) i love the change in color i have now. and even though they technically already got their official birthday present, as a belated gift my dreads are getting an all-expenses paid visit to see one miss lish in october. :D so expect more pictures soon!
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