September 26th, 2007

i miss 'em

hi i'm new and i've been lurking a couple days and thought i'd share.
i started getting dreads a while ago, it started out as a late-night boredom thing and turned into somewhat of an obsession :)
so i decided to get dreads, and while in the process, i decided i was bored and wanted something different. so i painstakingly took them out and i regret it :(
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Wool Felting Picture Tutorial

Here's a picture tutorial showing how to use Wool to add color to Dreadlocks through 'Felting'..... I created this tutorial for a couple people at another dreadlock community, and thought I'd try my hand at posting it here. I know there's another post in the memories about wool felting, but I put pics with my tutorial to expand on the general idea of how it's done.

This is my first post, so I'm not sure if it'll work....

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Slimey the Worm

Dread Q

Hey guys, I went over the memories carefully but couldn't find an answer for me!

I only have one dread (but I loves it very much) and I've had a couple of metal thingies wrapped around it. I took them off recently to change things around a little and discovered that near where these had been the lock has become quite thin (not directly underneath but underneath the position on the lock of hair). So instead of having roughly one thickness the whole way down there are two points where it goes in.


1. Is this usual/normal/whatever?
2. Can it be fixed/changed/anything be done?

Sorry for being a text only post, I don't have any good photos of it!
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green elephant


Hey all you dreadkids

I've posted once before, months and months ago, about finding someone near Ann Arbor, Michigan to help me start my dreads. I ended up doing them myself, but I have a shitload of hair, and half-assed my way through it. About a month after, I took them out, frustrated with how they were starting.

But now I'm at Columbia college in downtown Chicago, and I'd like to get them again. Properly, this time. I've looked at some salons around the area, but I figured that'd be much more expensive.

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kitty in a basket

depression ain't so bad

hey people. i've been growin my dreads got cut off last october, and they're starting to tangle and be fun. they don't look like dreads yet, but the trained eye can see that they're starting to get sectioned and everything. i had to go through a bit of crap when my brother got married because i saw family members that i don't see very often. i got comments about lice and needing to put more wax in my hair and whatever. i stood up to my dad and didn't cut my hair for the wedding though. yay. anyways, over the past couple of months i've been getting pretty depressed and i'm thinking about cutting my hair and starting all over. i've kind of got feelings of getting depressed times locked into my head and i'm not to sure about that. has anyone gone through the same thing? =)