September 28th, 2007

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Do wool extensions count?

I'm a firm believer in yarn, wool, and string attachments that often look or become dreads on their own. I am, however, growing my own little baby dreads underneath with more rubber bands and less back combing.

I do have a few question for anyone who has done wool as hair before or knitted wool into their dreads. I've noticed when washing wool clothing the wool has a tendency to stink when wet and it often goes away when dry (but not always). I would ideally like to wash my wool dread extensions but should I? I know wool gets very heavy when wet but whats a good way of washing them with out stink (or extended and prolonged stink)? As it is currently I put them in and just don't wash my hair for a week while they are in, take them out wash my hair and repeat.

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Just thought I'd x-post this here as it is also dread related! Hope that's cool..

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I promise I will post a dread-specific entry very soon, as I don't feel these capture them as well I they could be captured. They are sooo tight, it's amazing. They are now almost 19.5 months old!
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So, basically...

I'm a fat, lurky noob. I drool over the posts here daily.

When I was a little chill'n I had a list of things to do before I died:
Grow my hair to the floor
Dread it
Shave my head
Adopt a child

Now that I realize that I look like a man in a wig when I have hair all over my head (and a mohawk is much more fitting) I abandoned number one (and I already did three) so I'm skipping to number two. I wanted to do them naturally, but being a white girl with thin (and I mean THIN) hair, even after months staying away from brushes, combs, and conditioner, still no dreads! So I've started combining backcombing and the rip-and-twist method, three little dreadies at the base of my head, and my newest one up front. I'm doing them myself so I only do a few at a time before my arms go numb, but I'll post again once I finish all the little beauties. (And of course NOW that I'm too impatient for nature to take it's course, two natty dreads have sprouted up on the back of my head. <3)

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not nice!

All the best bullshit...

So I'm a bartender at a pool hall in Southwest Florida, and as you can imagine I get a pretty motley crew to handle every night. People from pretty much every style and scene frequent the place, and it is well known for it's (eeewww) Cheeseburgers and hot wings.

ANYWHO....I get more shit piled on my for my dreads, and it really is, at times difficult to maintain a professional veneer. You just wanna be like, "look, when was the last time you had dreadlocks? O? Never? sweet. than why dont you shut the fuck up about MY hair?"

Read the top insults, how would you react? have you heard similar? inquiring minds want to know...
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Also, Pics-
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Behold. I made my favorite pans, my favorite skirt!

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And....and...I bleached my hair! I'm am trying to get all the darker colors at the bottom out.

hey folks

This is my first post. I love this community and all the pics yall post ,,,,,,theyre gorgeous! 

anyway. I just wanted to give a headsup to the people who are "putting a few dreads in their hair to see if they like it"..  I had about 8 dreadlocks in my hair.. because I couldnt make up my mind whether i wanted them or not.  After 4 months.. I have decided that i dont want them ... and I have spent about two weeks trying to get them out......... and god knows how much hair ive lost because of trying to brush them out. ... and v05 sucks.

so my word of advice is-... if you want them.. make sure its for life.. or for a really long time.  not a few months. because it will suck when you try to get them out.