September 29th, 2007


Dreadie "secret code"?

Okay so I have had dreads for like 5 years I think. (unlike most, I stopped celebrating birthdays at like 3 years...)hahah...

Anyhow - I am not your typical dreadie I guess. Or maybe I should say I am not a steriotypical dreadhead. I dont smoke weed, I don't do any drugs, I wash my dreads twice a week, I am not "rasta" and I am not a hippie.

My dreads must be kept clean and tidy, because I work in the music industry and i refuse to have business meetings and have my dreads NOT tidy. Also because i can't stand an itchy head.

Anyways - I have noticed over the years - that the majority of people (well Rastas and Hippies mostly) have this "Code" of sorts. Its a way of communicating with other dread-heads. Like I will be walking down the street, and a rasta with gorgeous fat dreads, whom I have never met in my life, will be like "Hey whats up, nice locks...nice to see you..." usually followed with a wink, then walks off.

I am usually wracking my brain trying to remember if I know these people, now I have realized its this "code" of sorts. A "secret code" that no one told me about ahahaha so I always look like an idiot.

Anyone else feel like this?

Get your dreads up?

For those of you with long dreads - I have a question...

I am constantly looking for new and fun ways to put UP my dreads. I usually settle for the usual head wrap. I have so MANY dreads (86 to be exact!) and they are long and heavy, so I have them up alot, helps with the weight on my head.

They are too long for good pig tails...but I like to use wraps in other ways, I just havent figured out too many ways that work well. Just the full head wrap. Also I love doing knots...

Post some ideas and pics if you have any! Thanks

Here is a pic of my dreads up in the basic head wrap:

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Okay, so I coloured my sweet hair.
Took some major getting used to but I think it has worked out pretty okay.

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That's all fine and everything, but the real reason for my post is that:
I remember there was a female who used to post here- her username was something "coco" or along those lines.
She had dreads, obviously, and darker skin. The main thing though was that she had a gorgeous thigh band tattoo.
I'm pretty sure she had lots of tattoos as well in other places. If you're out there or if someone has a picture of
that thigh tattoo, I don't want to sound creepy but I am quite interested in seeing that tattoo.

Hope someone can help!

My Dreads

Soo...Where to begin...I have posted a question or two in this community before but I have never posted my dreads.
I started them in June of this year so they are about 3 months old. Pretty much it seems like I did everything wrong. I work at a pool and I read at DreadHeadHQ that if you're going to swim or anything when you first get them you should put rubberbands on the roots and tips, so I did. Also, the guy who dreaded my hair told me to wax them. He sectioned them poorly and didn't really back comb them thoroughly. I only waxed them maybe once or twice after the original waxing when he put them in because they felt really sick being waxed. I'm still in the process of picking all of the rubberbands out because they're melted into my hair.
Another issue is that when they were around 3 weeks old I went on a week long bike ride. They were kind of smashed under a helmet that entire time which they didn't like, at all.
I really really really love dreads and I love having dreads but I HATE the way my dreads look. I have one friend telling me hers looked like mine for a really long time and that they will be okay, while the guy who did them keeps telling me to roll them more (I roll them all the time!!!).
I'm really just considering coming them out and finding someone else to do them. I am just so frustrated.
Any advice would be appreciated.

EDIT: I combed them out (well I'm in the process) and I am hopefully going to see lishd to have her start them out right. Thanks everybody.

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okay, all the roots of my dreads started to knot together. apparently, i didn't palm roll them enough near the root. i read the memories and everyone just told other people to just rip the hair apart. mine is so far beyond the point of ripping, i can't even tell you. hahah. so my question is- is it okay to cut them apart? i'm just afraid the shorter hairs will stick up really badly. has anyone tried it? if so, did it work? (my dreads are just under 3 months old, if that makes any difference)