October 1st, 2007

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hello everyone :) my name is nicole and believe it or not i have been watching this community for probably near 4 years now! i don't have dreads but i am a big fan of them. i love reading all of the stories and seeing the pictures and learning about them. i almost began the journey a few years ago but issues with the family, my hair length (i had cut almost all of my hair off not too long before), and a few other barriers popped up and i just never got around to doing them... maybe someday soon.

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White ends on hair...

Hi there, I've been a member here for a long time - just never posted. But, I'm in need of some advice... if you'll be so kind.

I've had dreads for three years or more, they're pretty well developed and everything. One thing that bugs me though (and grosses me out), is the white specs that are all over my dreads. They're on the tip of the hairs - but if I can pull them off. It seems to be getting worse, and I don't know what to do about it. Any idea what it is? Some sort of weird hair build-up? I've never seen hair do this kind of thing before. I also shampoo every other day, if that matters.

Thanks for any help! I'll post a picture (not too good of a shot of my hair - or my problem!), just so this isn't all text... and since I've never contributed here before.

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not nice!

a little pointless fun....

This has nothing to do with dick and jane...but i thought i could show off the dreaddies and my first attempt at photoshop all in one.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Also, I have seen a few people on here who are nervous or debating about if they should get knotty or not. All I have to say to you guys is go for it! If that is what is going to make you happy, you should do it, screw what anyone thinks about it, if it feels right for you, it can't be wrong!

Just know, dreadlocks (depending on the look you want) do take maintenance, and dedication, research your shit, and don't take one person's word for it. Do what feels right for your hair. I am personally pleased with my dreads, and I do a few things people on this and other boards wouldn't agree with. Just be wise about your decisions and be sure it is something you really want to do. Good luck to you guys, and g'night!
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In case you wondered.

Hi there.
I don't post here all that often anymore, but there is a good reason.

It's just really hard to get pictures of my dreads.

Why? Exhibit "A."

This is a pic I took of myself here at work in the bathroom.
(Hhaha... yeah, that'd be fun to explain to anyone walking in....)

Now, I KNOW my cameraphone takes shitty pics... so, as a result, it kinda looks like I'm wearing a cape of some sort, and you really can't see my hair well. Right now, you might be saying, "Part of that is because you took the picture of the mirror, dumbass!" Yep. That's true... but here's the thing... my arms aren't long enough to take a pic of myself at arm's length and actually show all of my hair... because the hair is too f-ing long.

So yeah, I pretty much have to wait for my g/f to take pics of me in order to post.

On an unrelated note, thought this might be somewhat interesting to the group:

This is one dread that was once two... a long time ago. I forget when they merged, but I'm pretty sure the bead was on there before they came together and got hitched. I kind of remember when they joined--they just seemed kind of close to each other at my scalp one day, and then I forgot about them... then, the next time I messed with them in the process of sort of generally doing stuff to my head, I noticed they were definitely a couple and had establshed a joint residence. These days, they joined area is around the middle of my back, and the joined roots are quite hearty, indeed.

OK, that's about it. You can go ahead about your daily business.
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a timeline of the last 6 months.

I hadn't noticed much of a change untill I looked through old pictures, and what a change it's been. They have mostly figured themselves out despite my messing with wax at the beginning, and a few misguided loops through the root. I've had some unique experiences as a result of them: the most remarkable being meeting a one man travelling circus who offered to teach me to breathe fire. I've had homeless men tell me I look like whoopi goldberg, and had one older lady ask me if I had "rasta" in my hair.

Does anyone else have any such ridiculous stories?

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 hello , you may remember me, you may not. But no worries. These are my natural dreads of 4 months. There are also some pictures that have nothing to do with my dreads, but they are nice too. taaa ddaaaa!!

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Flower girl

Cat in the Hat...

So...I really really enjoy wearing hats!! I have a crazy hat collection at home wich I love, and every now and then I get really nostalgic, try one on...see it doesn't fit, and get crazy upset.

This week I was coming back from somewhere and I saw some guy wearing a fedora, and I got all upset and really wanted to wear mine. Now I am sure you are sitting there asking yourself, what's the big deal...just put one on...WELLLLL folks, it's not only a big deal, it's a HUGE deal. Because geuss what...I CAN'T! Reason #39 why I hate my dreads and terribly miss my hair: "Lots of fat dreadss resulting in lack of normal hat wearage!"

After I saw the guy wearing his hat, I said to myself, "ok, fuck it...you want to, then you will..." I tried a few different things, and finally found a way to put my dreads up in a low bun thing, and just PULL the hat down. The hat itself is pretty small so it was a bit of a squeeze, but I put on a happy face, and forced myself to suffer for beauty!! Hahaha...so here are pictures. "Hooded pre-dred" and "Hooded post-dred!!"

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