October 4th, 2007

Just a few photos....

I just took a few photos of my dreads after dying them black after having rainbow colors in them for quite awhile.

I posted the wool felting tutorial, and had a plethora of rainbow colors throughout my locks.

I needed to dye them since I'm a bridesmaid in my little sister's upcoming wedding, and attending my niece's wedding next month as well.

I dyed my locks last about a week and a half ago, and the wool took the dye pretty well. The pictures are kind of crappy as my digital camera's flash always is super-intense and all.... Oh well.

Oh, and you can really see all my loose hair at the roots at the back of my head. I've got to take care of that....

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Newbie timeline, yo

Sooooo Hi.

I'm Jaimee. I had a mad intense mush trip and I finally decided to go for it after 7 years of wanting them and to actually get my dreads. They're aboutttt two and a half months I think but they're already tight and knotted and started to get loopy. They're already semi-matured, it's wicked, I don't even do anything except for wash them like, twice a day. That knotty boy soap stuff tightens them up hardcore.

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My family hates me, My boss is mortified, but man, I love my hair.