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Ponytail dread hat, with pattern! [05 Oct 2007|01:49pm]
For lishd, or anyone else who wants it, share and enjoy.

I woke up in the middle of the night and couldn't sleep. Bad for me, maybe good for you, if you like crazy hats!

Pattern pieces:

Front (cut 2)


Back (cut 2)

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[05 Oct 2007|04:26pm]
I don't post pictures too often, so I figured since I just did my first dye job (or rather, my bf did...) and my dreads turn 5 months tomorrow, I'd show them off a bit. They have a been a work in progress - the back combing my friend originally did (with wax, ugh), fell out after I washed the wax out, and any time I tried to back comb they'd just fall out again and laugh at me, so I just let the tangles do their own thing with a bit of palm rolling or rip/twist on the train when bored. I also have sever small dreads that I braided and back combed together to form larger dreads around the place that are starting to stick together and get crazy textures.

They're long enough to tie up now!

Check out my Myspace gallery here for my mini-timeline, if your interested.

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