October 8th, 2007

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Hello beautiful dread heads, haven't posted in a while.
They areabout 3 or 4 months now
I thought I should do a Collapse )

Tip: One of my favorite styles is to take the 2 dreads(if long enough) and pull them back and tie then in a knot, or a bow. No need for a rubberband or scrunchie, and a great halfway up look!

I'm not very good at this sort of thing! I've had to edit it about 15 times
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Dread bead

Very strange... I don't know if it's a computer issue or an LJ group issue, but when I click on the link for get_up_dread_up, I get the red-exed box of nothingness.

Anyways... I have a friend who is moving to Portland (me=jealous) in November and I'm going to give/make her a dread as a going away present. I was trying to find a dread bead (preferably glass) on Etsy.com, but couldn't really find exactly what I was looking for. And, since I can't seem to access the memories section of this group, would anyone know of somebody selling a glass bead, preferably with shades of grey, black, and/or purple, for a relatively small dread (I'm going make her dread small-ish, underneath her mop of hair, so she can keep a real job that doesn't discriminate)? Thanks in advance for your help.