October 9th, 2007

7 year timeline

Here's a timeline for my 7 year old dreads. This is my first post, but I figure I should post while I still have them. A lot has changed for me this year. Some good...some bad... but at least I still have my dreads.

(no images for pre 2002)

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i bought the 38 gauge star point felting needles… so far as i could tell 38 gauge is a small to medium size. thanks for the advice, folks!

i haven’t posted photos in forever, so:

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b&w dreads

a candid shot of the back of my head at a recent photoshoot in SF.

strange how b&w makes some of my dreads appear platinum when they're actually a burnt orange color.

the thought of bleaching some of them is on my mind now.

hello breakage.