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Over palmrolling? [10 Oct 2007|12:38am]
Ive noticed in the memories people cautioning to apply root rubbing in moderation. I can understand why this is (bashing hair follicle about = bad for hair follicle) but Ive noticed people say you can over palmroll...

How and why does over palmrolling ebcome coundterproductive - Im having a hard time picturing it. Does it rearrange the knots in the dread too much slowing locking?

Ive chilled out on my palrolling- once a day is now twice a week (once when wet/drying). Just hoping im not shooting my dreads in their baby feet!
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thanks for any help possible [10 Oct 2007|10:49am]

Now this may seem like a completely stupid question, but I've checked the memories (of course) and I didn't really see anything jump out at me, but definitely correct me if I am wrong.

I am yet to create my dreads but I have rather oily hair. I was curious if dreads will still knot up well and look good (after a lot of time and care, of course) if you have oily hair? is this better or worse for the knots?

much love and may peace be with you and around you

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[10 Oct 2007|09:26pm]
I have a few questions about hair dye,henna and bleach, in general.
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