October 11th, 2007

My Dreads

Hey All!

I just joined so I thought I'd share a couple pics of my dreads (now 6 months old):
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They are coming along quite nicely, although I haven't worked on them in a while and some of them need a little waxing/back combing.  The only frustration I have is that I wear them in a pony tail a lot and they get really flat, especially towards the roots.  However, I am sure there are methods of fixing/preventing that which I just have not been motivated enough to discover yet.

I hope everyone is having an awesome Thursday!
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I'm Doing Public Relations Work For All Of Us

Today, I went for lunch at a local sandwich place (I do this almost every day, as there about a zillion of these joints in this area) and as I was headed for an empty table, I was intercepted by a pleasant woman in her late 40s wearing a "business suit" who pointed at a table of five other, similarly clad women of a similar age, and said, "Hi! OK, we all LOVE your hair, and we've been staring at you the whole time you've been in line... will you sit by us? We want to talk to you."

I was kind of embarrassed, but I said, "Thank you... yes, of course, I'll talk to you guys."

I sat across from them, and they just pumped me for information about me, my hair and dreads in general for about a half-hour.

After 14 years of dreadlocks, I can pretty much answer most questions any undreaded person might ask about our hair. They had all the usual questions:
"Is that really your hair?"
"How do you get your hair to do that?"
"Do you wash it?"
"What do you do if you don't want them anymore?"
"How do you sleep with those?"
"What do they feel like on your skin?"
"Aren't those heavy?"
"How do you wash that?"

And, of course, there were all the attendant follow-up questions about what kind of work I do (I'm a magazine editor) and what my bosses think of me (they hired me, right?), what does my girlfriend/wife think (she likes the hair, duh squared), if my hair gets in the way during sex (it doesn't) and if I think I'll ever cut them (who knows? Maybe.)

Anyway, after lunch, they all thanked me and said goodbye, smiling. I can't help but think I may have somehow helped a small group of otherwise sheltered ladies learn a little more about something they would have very likely never considered investigating on their own.

So, right now, there are about six nice suburban South Jersey ladies who now know a LOT more about dreadlocks then they did when they went to work this morning.

And now, since I know text-only entries are frowned upon, here is a pic taken by my lovely girlfriend from this past weekend.

A couple of truths

Ok long time no post. I was telling my girlfriend who put in dreads and then went to study abroad in europe. krakow poland to be exact. sorry if my spelling is off. I am product of american public schools.  So I was telling her that this is a great resource for any and all questions that she may have. Hell, she might even find somone from poland on here. any way while I was saying this I realise there are a few things everyone learns.

1) Your dreads will never turn out how you originally thought they would.
2) There is no right or wrong thing to do to your dreads.
3) Just because someone else did something dosn't mean it will work with you. (and vice versa)
4) Sometimes the best thing to do is nothing.
5) Dreads are not as easy as I thought they would be.(and yet sometimes even easier)
6) There are days when you must make sure that anything that can cut them off are out of sight.
7) They change you.
8) People start to treat you diffrently.(over hair!!!! sigh...)

Its cool to see how large this group gets. Been around for 3 or so years now and it intresting to watch it change.

Also just something I thought might give out some hope. I have had my dreads for 3 and a half years. I work as a underwriter tech at a rather large insurance company. I wear bussness casual. no one has ever been worried over my hair. I have even been promoted.( I started as a clerk) I found a girlfriend. (partly because of the dreads) Ive gone though many beads. I am instantly reconised whereever I go. My father didn't ask me to change my hair even as I stood next to him at his wedding.  (he has told me it looks horible and that I really should cut it. But he never said that concerning the wedding.) And I wouldn't trade it for the world.

sorry if my ramblings have wasted your time.


Another question poped into my head. Has anyone ever lit thier dreads on fire? I do this everyso often as a party trick. Its very similar to lighting your socks on fire all the fuzz goes whoosh. Keep in mind I only did this after a year and a half after I got my dreads. made sure they were somewhat mature. I also only do it ever few months or so.

Now I did this and the top of my head is really frizzy. So my friend asked if she could do it and started at the top. well when everyone opened thier eyes like dinner plates I started patting out the flames. no damage but most the fuzzies went away. Well for thier marrage I didn't have much for a gift so I handed her a lighter and said go ahead. it was nifty.

p.s. always make sure you have plenty of open air. stinks bad afterwards.  I also got the idea from this group.