October 12th, 2007

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Hey you guys. I used to be a member of this community before I made the horrible deciscion to chopp of my dreadlocks ( for the most stupid reason in the world : my ex boyfriend, oh god shoot me please! ). Ever since then I have been a stranger to this community, but now I've started peeking again. I miss my locks, and now carry an afro-ish hairdo which isn't long enough in my eyes to put in dreads again.

Even though I don't have dreads yet I still would like to discuss certain things with you guys. I have been having a spiritual journey lately and am also trying to find people who are going through transformations that contain the spirit, the mind, the heart and the soul.

Anyway. I'll stop babbling.

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What length do you think would be proper before I put them back in?

1 month!

My knots are collectively about a month old now, so I figured I would post some pictures. Does anyone have any maintenance suggestions for me? These aren't the best pictures I could get but it conveys the idea pretty well. If these were your dreads what would you do next?

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european dreads...

I just got dreads a few days before I left for a study abroad trip to Europe, and I've been maintaining them as best I can, but I've noticed that alot of the dreads I've seen in Europe are tighter and more uniform than any I've seen in the states (and it seems like there's a ton more people with them, or maybe I'm just not used to cities- that, and the reggae fest in Gdansk didn't help unbias my perceptions, lol).  I was wondering if anyone knows the secret... I haven't quite gotten up the nerve to talk to a random stranger (I tend to be kinda shy), but I'm dying to know.  I havent found anyone in my group to help me with my dreads, so I'm all loopy and having trouble keeping the back from matting into a solid mass.
Any advice is welcome, but I'm hoping there's someone out there who's currently in or near Poland who might be able to help, even if it is a bit far-fetched...

I've got tons of pics up (dont mind my senseless ranting- its usually extremely rushed.  I swear, I normally write better than that!!!!!) on my trip journal: km_europe_07. 

My Gratitude, Let Me Show U It

You know, I just want to say that I wish I had found this community 6 months ago!

As much as I love my dreads, I know they could be so much better had I found all of this useful info at the start.

For instance, I've been afraid to get my dreads wet (besides washing them once a month) because two of my good friends with dreads never really wash theirs and said it was best not to if you could stand it.  So even while having a bath I was paranoid of getting them wet, and don't even get me started on how many times I decided not to go to the pool!

I've had really long hair my entire life.  Long hair that required washing at least every other day or it got greasy and icky, so not washing my dreads has just about put me over the edge.  Recently I was thinking maybe they were not for me because they seemed to be so flattened out and loopy.  I'm really glad I came here before I did something really dumb (like cut them!)

Also, I am sorry for mentioning the W-word in my introduction post.  I swear that dread wax shall never touch my locks again!

Love To You All! 
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