October 13th, 2007

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stereotypes, etc.

In a previous post earlier this week, someone mention that they worked in insurance.

Now, I'm an insurance agent. I'm the top agent at my center. I do a damned good job. I do it all over the phone, for the most part, as I work in the Call Center faction of my company.

Recently, there's been an agent shortage and an agency up in Fort Mcmurray, Alberta (I live in Lethbridge, AB) needed agent's to come and work in the agency. I volunteered and got turned down initially because I work the night shift and that's when they need the most agent's (or so they said) but no one else would go, so I was able to go.

I'm here now, and amazingly, I do even better face to face with the people then I do over the phone. Over the phone, people can't see my tattoo's, or my piercings, or my dread's. They think i'm just some normal person. In the agency though, people look at me and instead of seeing some stuffy insurance agent that they don't trust, they see some hippie chick that they feel they can trust. Which is true, because I hate everything about insurance and I always do everything I can to get them cheaper deals, etc.

What I've noticed, though, is that not so much from the costumers (they're a little skeptical in the first 2 minutes but once you show them you know what you're talking about they're fine) but from my bosses, is that they just don't believe me. I was working at my job for about 5 months before I got the dreads. As soon as that happened, I noticed that they started watching me like a hawk. They made sure to let me know that personal hygiene was very important, that you couldn't miss work, doing drugs on the job was absolutely not allowed, etc. Also, they were almost suspicious when they found out my monthly policies written, even though I've been consistently writing about 20-30 more then the other agent's; it's as if dreadlocks somehow make it so my brain doesn't work anymore?

I DO smoke alot of pot, I'm not going to lie. HOWEVER. I do it all medicinally; I'm in the process of getting my legalization for it, actually. Besides that though I would never think to go to work stoned. I wash my hair every day, sometimes even twice. I never missed work before, never have since.

I think it's funny that I went from being top agent who could do no wrong, to all of a sudden a person of interest.  Technically, they aren't doing anything that I can get them in trouble for. they're just "gentle reminders".

Anyone else have this happen? I know we all get stereotyped with the dreads, but anyone get that happen to you where people who knew you pre-dread and after dread treated you differently?

and, so it's not text only:

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old member, new journal account

I already was a member of this community under a diferent account
but I thought it would be nice to re-introduce myself   

Name: Mikk
Age: 18
Country: Netherlands
Age of dreads: 18 januray they turn one!
Things that I like: my doggy Geena, ganjaa, musik, nature, photography, being busy fixxing up my dreads ^^ 
having a good time with nice peoplpe, parties, dancing, ect...

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1 year 4 months

earlier this week, i decided to look at the back of my head. i realized i hadn't done this in over a month, what with being so caught up with school and all.

it looks like a creature took over my head!!!

i'm going to start dreading the front part of my hair one at a time.

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(no subject)

Now, this is weird.

I randomly get little.. "tingles" at certain places on my scalp. Always the same place.  It feels like a tickle, kind of. Almost as if.. *gasp* there's a bug there.

Now, believe me, I am a clean freak/bugaphobe so everytime this happens I go and I search and search and search and I don't ever find anything, and I've had my friends search as well, kind of pick through my hair like chimps do to each other, and they all come up empty handed. There are NO bugs. I do get the itchy red scab/bump things, but at different places then the tickles are.

I swear, it feels like there is something moving there. and there isn't. You have no idea how long and hard I have looked. I wash my hair daily, if not more then once a day, I use soap with lye in it, I have dyed my hair, if there WERE bugs (and there wasn't!) they would have been long dead.

But MY GOD I know there isn't anything there but it gets me so frikkin paranoid!

Does anyone else get this? It's not itchie's. It's not I know what the itchies are. It's something totally, completely different. Something that I DO NOT WANT. How do I make it stop?

and pikture:(I'm on a business trip for work, yay hotel room and bad lighting!)
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