October 16th, 2007

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I counted the number of dreads I have...the running count is 61. I didn't think I had that many. I was surprised. They sort of range from various sizes...some a bit larger, some tiny.

Here is my question: Over time, do dreads generally get thicker? My assumption would be that they would, since you're not brushing out the hairs you would normally use or anything, therefore mass would continue to build up. My dreads are too young to do anything serious with yet, but is there a chance over time that I could combine some of these? are 1 month old dreads too young to combine?

how many dreads do you have?

the dead are so 'dread'fully dead when they're dead.

hello hello all!

ok, so i know i've posted here a few times about getting dreads.
but i've also said how im very chicken and can't do it.

but now i think i can.
i haven't seen many inspirational photos to make me want them enough, being as i don't own a computer. im using the computer at work :(

sooo...i was thinking about getting red dreadlocks. not fire-engine red, but maybe like an orangeish reddish, more natural looking set?

or black ones. this weekend im getting hair extensions down to my waist, but i dont know what color to get.

so my questions are:

is it okay to dread extensions?

should i go black or red?

can you post some inspirational photos of red or black dreads?

and how are you all doing?!

on the right there with the pink in my hair.

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and again, haha.

ps. if you guys could somehow get back to me by the end of today (its 8 am here) that would be awesome!

hehe love and peace, patti wilde.

Time to stop lurking

So i've been watching here for a long while now, and started my own set of dreads about 6 weeks ago. I went to visit my friend Libby who's had her dreads for a long time and we started talking about how i was longing for my hair to grow faster because i wanted to start with longer dreads. Libby convinced me that my hair would be fine to dread now and suggested we get started cause it would take awhile. 

so now here i am and i'm completely in love with my hair 
my co workers love it, my teachers love it, and my mother hates it (sometimes i chase her around her house with my hair).

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I personally think they look pretty good for not being even two months old but maybe i'm wrong and i just have some weird hair ego....

Hello everyone

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image heavy as usual haha

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not really dread related but i've been working a lot on my music lately and i'm hopefully finishing with an 8 to 10 track EP in mid november. If you guys want to check out my music I loaded up some of my tracks here: http://www.forgottenmemory.com/music.html and also let me know how it looks on your browsers/computers! It works fine on my little mac but i'm a bit worried about the players comparability with PCS.

thanks guysssss mad loveeeee
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2 months old, a few days ago

got a dread perm at hairpolice 2 months ago. i fully researched them, asked about them here, and took everything into consideration before i did. it just is how i did it aaaannd i'm happy, so everyone should be happy! i still enjoy seeing them change over the weeks, and i am so happy with them.


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I'm Supposed To Be Doing Housework...

 Instead I am playing around on LJ.

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Hubby was testing out our new camera and decided a pic of my dreads all 'fluffed out' would look neat, so he ambushed me first thing in the morning.

This weekend my best friend is coming for a visit and I am going to beg her to help me crochet a bunch of those loose bits back in.  Having dreads is helping me get over my perfectionism, LOL, since they clearly have a mind of their own and care not about how badly I want them to be 'perfect'.

Alright, enough procrastinating :)
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Okay so my dreads are three weeks old, and unfortunately I am lacking any pictures at this moment in time.  The only thing I have right now are questions.  I looked some on the memories, and I don't have a whole lot of time in which I'm able to access the internet, so I figured I'd just post.

I have incredibly straight hair, my biggest problem is simply that my hair doesn't quite get frizzy enough sometimes.  I can't get the ends to fuzz up I guess you could say.  I thought that from what I read I was supposed to kind of ball up the ends, but I can do it because my hair just refuses.  Is that going to be a problem?
Also, I was wanted to have tight roots, but they become loose really quicky after I think that I have my babies how I want them, lol.  I went through and kind of backcombed some more, but then I read that you aren't supposed to do that in memories.  Will it really create a problem for my dreads, or did I misunderstand something?
Is there anyone else on here who has dreads from hair that is really straight and smooth?
When is the earliest that it is okay to put things like beads in my hair?
Is it okay to use T-Gel Shampoo on my hair?
  I have dry scalp and so my dandruff can be to the extreme, lol.  So I have washed my hair like three times in the past three weeks with it, and I haven't noticed anything wrong, but I know that the long term effects can be gross.

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I'm Scared.

Hey guys...

Er, well, I'm not sure if this is entirely relevant, but I figured it would be best to post here, because I'm sure at least some of you can sympathize...

Today and yesterday I've been having a weird case of the itchies. It seems to be mainly focused around my head and behind my ears, but it's also over my throat, my shoulders, and part of my arms. Small red bumps are appearing where I can see. I'd check my head, but I can't really do so without someone else's help. I haven't seen anything moving.

I'm kind of terrified at the moment that I may have lice or fleas or something. I don't know where the fuck I would have gotten them- I keep my place and myself clean, I haven't had any contact with kids in months, and I've pet some kitties recently, but they weren't showing signs of anything. My dreads are four years old and down to my tailbone and I'm really not interested in losing them...

I did some looking around online but I found nothing really conclusive. I need personal experience and opinion. I checked the memories here, too. Ever since the creation of my dreads, getting fleas or lice has been my biggest paranoia, and I'm really freakin' out. Please help. :(