October 17th, 2007

Thoughts on Loops and a .Loop.gif

I'm bored. It's my day off. What do people like me do off rare days off work...why....make gifs detailing how loops for in dreadlocks of course!

Loops puzzled me when I was looking at other peoples dreads before I had them. They looked odd and I couldn't figure out how they happened or why. I naievely thought it was probably totally avoidable through excessive palmrolling and maintenance. Nope.

When I had just created dreads on my head - I was scared of loops - yeah I might not have admitted it - but I seriously didnt want them. Nope. Nice uniform dreads for me. Mmm hmm.

Then a few months passed - I've gotten my first proper live music job - so dread get washed more, and obsessed over less.

Then a few weeks I notice *bampf* I have loops, the hair below and above the loops is rock hard - and you know what - I dont care about the loops. I actually rather like them. Having dreads makes my life at home and at work easier than tackling my old 30inch of blonde-tough-longness anyday.

So I made this gif. Yeah its crap - but it shows how my loops are forming...

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Stage 1 - hair is newly dreaded
Stage 2 - hair starts to tighten
Stage 3 - Looser sections in hair are created from other sections getting very tight
Stage 4 - tighter sections pull on strands of the looser section - pulling it up
Stage 5 - looser hair is pushed out
Stage 6 - you have a loop.

When my loops go - if they do - ill make the complimentary loop.gif showing how theyre sucked in. But I have to live that stage in my dreadlife first!

And another thing - I loves all yous guys on here. I need more dread friends!
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I just received a dread from thecatdoesdrugs and promptly attached it to my headropes.
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...I figured I might take this opportunity to showcase the others I've adopted.
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hi there,
I've been hanging around this community for a few years now (I wont say I've been a member, cause I've never posted anything, ya see)
but I like what you  guys have to say, so now I'm coming to you with a dilemma.
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