October 18th, 2007

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beginner's help

Hello everyone. I have been wanting to dread my hair for quite a while now, but I am finally getting serious about it. I think the main reason I have not tried sooner was because I just cannot find a good, informative place to show how they are done - I need things in layman's terms so I can fully understand and feel comfortable/confident with it. I have checked the memories here and I think I have gotten a better understanding, but I still have some questions. Please forgive me if there's a memory of all this already, I have tried my best to look throughout them, but I don't seem to be finding the answers I am looking for. Please direct me to them if this is the case.

Okay, so I have pretty long hair - about waste length. I know there will be some length loss due to them forming, but I have seen pictures of people here who seem to have started their dreads while their hair was long and it doesn't look like there was an extreme amount of length loss - something which I have read can happen. Any tips on how to prevent this or should I just cross my fingers? Also, any tips for dreading long hair?

Also concerning pictures I have seen lately on here, the ends of said dreads do not look clumpy/stumpy...if that makes sense. The hair looks sort of wavy almost like they aren't dreads at the ends. How would you make your dreads so they turn out like this?

Is there a difference to how dreads look if you use the rip & twist method or backcombing? I plan not to use any wax in my hair - is there anything you need to put while making/palm rolling your dreads? I have read about aloe, is that something you do after your dreads have formed? I have seen that knotty boy video on how to make dreadlocks - is that the proper way to backcomb? I have noticed that I have gotten quite a few split ends recently, should I trim them off before dreading my hair?

Okay, sorry for the long post. A big thanks right ahead to anybody trying to help me. Lastly, please help a beginner out with any tips at all and anything in the do or do not do advice variety. Thanks again!
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German Dreadies??

So, I was browsing through some entries I missed and happened to see something posted by beyonddreams  about her job as an aupair.
I researched it a little, let myself get really excited, and the next thing you know I've met the PERFECT family for me in Koblenz, Germany. The timing on their need for an aupair fits in absolutely perfectly with me finishing up my degree and everything :D

But that's not really why I'm posting this entry.
I was actually wondering about dreads in Germany. From what I can tell it's a very laid back society, but how popular/accepted are dreads there? I've been to Europe, but never to Germany...and come to think of it I can't recall many ((if any)) dreads...then again it was several years ago now. I'm definitely not considering parting with them specifically for the move, but I would like to know what kind of reaction I should be expecting from folks as a little dreadlocked whitey with terrible German =p

I'm super excited. I won't start until the summer of 2009, but that coincides perfectly with me finishing my degree in spring of 2009 (it also gives me time to take a German course). What better way to celebrate graduation  than a long stay with an extremely sweet family in a far-off-land?

PS. Thank you soooooooooooo much to beyonddreams  for turning me onto this. I have to re-post the link, so those of us who are chronically broke but would love to travel: Aupair-World It's such a sweet deal :)

Now I'm going to go download some german-language software and try to school myself :x

PPS. Any non-related tips or info about Koblenz would be great too!
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.such a pretty me!


I just had a dream where my dreads were about 3 times longer than cottonmouthdn's. It was ridiculous! And I couldn't figure out how they got so long, or how I could keep them from dragging on the ground.
The last image I saw before sleep last night was eggplantman, so that may have something to do with it.
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I found one relatively recent pic. I swear I'll have the rest some day.
triple dread!

Several topics I feel it's important to address:

Dread Mullets ((drullets?))
I've heard that term here and there and I've always meant to ask for a specific explanation as to what it is. I mean, I understand the concept of a mullet, but I have a real hard time applying it to dreads. I associate mullets with that short, poofy "business in the front" top; and being that dreads hang down by nature I fail to see how you could achieve that...unless you have some amazingly gravity-defying locks ((in which case, bravo!)) Pictures?

Bby dread :)
The loose hair by the nape of my neck that was too short to initially dread has finally gotten long enough to do something with! I just backcombed it into its own little nubby, fluffy baby dread. It's so much easier to appreciate how fluffy and cute they are when they're not ALL OVER your whole head. But I digress. It made me realize how long they've gotten over the last six months! My hair grows relatively slowly, and the dreading obviously slows it down, but they've definitely grown 2+ inches :D....after losing about a foot to shrinkage *grumble*.
I'm glad I started short though, less wild hair going through maturing phases to rip apart and palmroll. I just can't wait to have looooooooong dreadies. The short look is cute, but I think the long look is absolutely gorgeous.

My hair was layered when I dreaded it, so my dreads are a variety of different lengths. They're all different thicknesses too ((within the "thin" range, though)) I'm not striving for uniform, perfect dreads, so that's okay. Plus the hair in front is a little bit shorter, so it sort of frames my face. It's a personal choice, but I think I look funky with the boxy-face or straight-across look, so I'm happy.

My question is to those of you who did their dreads at a lot of slightly different lengths: How does it look once it's longer? I imagine it's fine, but there's still a part of me that wonders if it looks too disorganized for my taste.  I know I could always trim them evenly when they grow out if I don't like it, but my tips hate locking and it'd be a shame to cut off what's finally started down there.

I love getting comments on my dreads, but I find they make it really hard to read strangers. I don't know about you all, but I have a habit of staring at people with interesting hair. I mean...I hope that's not just me. Ick, I might have a problem. Hair-obsession intervention?
Anyway, now when I'm in public and I see someone watching me I can't tell if they're interested in my hair, or if they're just being creepy. I'm not going to lose any sleep over it, but it still makes me wonder.

I promise I'll have pics soon! I haven't posted any in months. I have new ones, I just can't find the USB cord to my camera ><
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Hello. I am new here and have lots of dready pictures to share with y'all. Could someone tell me how to put pictures up so they dont all show up on this first page. How do i make the link thing? Thank you very much.

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I haven't posted in a long long time I think since my dreads turned 1.
My locks will be 2 in january!! soo excited. I didn't think I would have dreads this long
CRAZY. anywho here are a bunch of pics pretty much from this month.
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hey you guys should check out this group they are amazing!!
Their lyrics are in french but the music and their voices are amazing
Oh and they have amazing DREADS!!!
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halloween techincal difficulty.

i've perused the memories under all logical sections, but haven't found an answer, so i'll take the plunge and ask:

do any of you folk have experience with dreads and wigs?

i'm planning to be cruella de vil for halloween, and i've managed to secure both a fun costume and a suitable (though definitely cheap) wig-- only i can't seem to get all of my dreads underneath the wig. i've tried pantyhose to no avail thusfar, and am in the process of finding a wig cap that can contain my hair. i'm also playing around with a complicated-to-explain idea involving lots of bobby pins, but i haven't worked out the details just yet. i was wondering if there might be some previous experience or recommendations out there from those who've achieved this seemingly difficult feat.

my dreads reach about six inches past my shoulder at this point, if that's any help. i'd greatly appreciate any helpful hints that might just not be occuring to me! :D

Arnt Cosmetologists supposed to serve everyone?

Here's a little story for you.

I am a cosmetology student. I plan on specializing in dreads during college and if all works out doing runway hair. I am the proud owner of 5 or so dreads hidden in my shoulder length, otherwise fairly average hair. In class we are doing braiding which was no big deal for me to be the client, I just had the girl that was working on my braid the hair above my crown (it actually turned out really nice). The girl told the teacher as she was walking by to check up on us that she was only braiding the top because I had a few dreads. The teacher gave me this disgusted look and said

"Don't keep going with this, it will compromise your experience here. You will be left out of things, you will have trouble getting your hair cut and you will be stuck working on a mannequin. You know what you have to do when you are done with having them right?"

I responded politely by saying that I am fully conscious, well versed and well researched in what I am doing and that I am fine with short hair, need be.

Its amazing though, how she would so obviously be against it and excuse me from things because of that. I mean hello? Work around the dreads? What if someone with dreads came in and wanted a style for their wedding day, what then?

Its just really stupid and I feel extremely rejected by someone that is supposed to be a teacher.

That's my story.