October 21st, 2007


Alright, so I've read all of the memories I can find on this, but I still have to ask because I had a seriously hard time figuring out if what I was doing was considered weaving, or the other various methods I saw, and whether or not it was bad.  Anyways, my dreads as of a week ago looked like this

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 Well this evening I thought about it and realized that I wanted my dreads to be a bit bigger than I had them.  So I started taking two dreads and combining them.  I would I guess you could say, weave, them through one another.  I don't think it looks that bad necessarily, but obviously I'm kind of worried about long term affects.
Now I know that some, I guess "naturalists" are probably going to freak about how I screwed up my dreads simply because they don't agree with certain methods of dread "maintanence", and thats okay.  But from an un-biased dreadhead/formers dreadheads opinion, will this be something I will regret?  Is there a way to keep them kind of fat like I have them now, but use other "maintanence" methods to fix them up a bit?


Some new pics of my new dread style idea

Hey everyone !!

SO last night my husband had a show -- and I work management for them at shows - so when we were getting ready he was like "You are just as much in the spotlight as me at these shows, you should figure out something new to do to your dreads to FUNK them out alittle tonight!

SO he and I spent some time on them and came up with this....

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20 and 2 months

so yesterday i turned 20. i had a nice day :) got birthday bud and went to see the nightmare before christmas in 3d. got some cool glasses to wear.
my dreadies turned 2 months on the 19th. but i havent much time to post. that and ive been trying to get better pictures...the camera on my phone seems to be shitting the bed, or just being tempermental.
i always look at all the pictures in here and oogle everyones dreads. i comment here and there. if i dont comment, its not because i dont admire.
hope everyones had a nice day :)

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