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go me... [22 Oct 2007|01:49am]

Yes, itt has been ages. My dreads turned one Septermber 1, 2007. So this is a month late, but you know, who is counting anyway?

This was December 2006 at Four months.

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Timeline slide show (May 2006-Oct. 2007) [22 Oct 2007|05:09pm]
I've had the worst time with the stringy ends. I work on them and then they fall out, but I think they're finally starting to take. I swim a lot so they're washed often. They're finally almost back to the length they started at. I had them backcombed at a salon. Have done everything else myself - palmrolling, twisting, etc.
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[22 Oct 2007|06:18pm]
I dyed maybe a quarter of my dreads last night. I did the whole bleach/dye thing following lish's tutorial plus some of my past knowledge. I couldn't find SFX brand dye ANYWHERE. So I settled for what I always used in the past...Beyond Zone. It's supposed to be "wild red" but its more of a "wild red leaning towards pink". this is interesting to me, considering I dyed them using the same times that I used to use in normal hair...and it really did turn red in the past. I'm happy with it though anyways. It's a little bit messy, (maybe only aparent to me) but I wanted to report my success!

has anyone used beyond zone before on dreads?
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New pictures [22 Oct 2007|08:10pm]
My boy took some new pictures of me and my dreads the other day, here they are. I dyed my dreads black but there is still some blue pink purple ect. mixed in.


why yes that's a cat on a leash...Collapse )

My dreads are about six months old? They are still really messy, I think because I dyed them a lot when they were young and because I wear them tied back a lot. so yup.
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