October 24th, 2007

hair poster

wheeeeeee... 8 months.

taking a picture of yourself with a cameraphone is hard! and ulitmately...... blurry. but i think you get the gist. i was trying really hard to get a picture of my favorite dread oedipus but its pretty much impossible to take a picture of the absolute back'n'center of your hair alone. maybe i have short arms, or just not enough elbows. it also occured to me while i was trying to take a picture of him i have no idea what he looks like, i just like how he feels--really skinny skinny with a little clubby thing at the end. maybe tonight he was just trying to tell me he doesn't want me to see him yet. either way....... a dreadlock pillow gloryshot. i love these.

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a few of them already have nice, tigh rounded ends but most are just squiggly hair strands. i wonder what made a few of them decide to not wait for the rest of the group to catch up? trendsetters, hopefully.. but either way, i'm loving dreadset take2.

if this is too big and needs to be cut, tell me! i have no idea how to resize the damn thing through photobucket

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When I first started my dreads, back in December 2005, and the following year I often played around whit the idea of combing them out and waiting for my hair to grow longer before starting a new set. I am so happy I didn’t, for one thing I don’t think I would be able to let my hair grow if it was just straight and normal, I am not a very patient person, and I really love my dreads the way they are now.  They are no way near the length I want them to be, but for the first time I can really se that they have grown. The past (almost) two years, have been an exiting journey. When I first started them I wanted really skinny dreads, I am no happy to see that a lot of them have grown together and formed nice fatter ones. I used to have an undercut but the hair have no grown out and started forming nice fat dreads in the back of my head, and it is lovely. When I was younger I used to have really thick, shiny, beautiful hair, from age fourteen and up until I started forming my dreads, I had done my best to ruin my beautiful hair by bleaching and colouring it once or twice every month, and it started to look like hell. The last two years I’ve coloured my hair only a handful of times, and it now looks healthy and beautiful again. Even my mum loves my hair, and every time I talk about cutting it she reminds me that I will regret it and that I for the first time am starting to get closer to my goal. The way I feel today, I never ever want to cut my babies, I want to se them grow. Of course I will cut them at one point, I do not want to have to lift them every time I go to the toilet. But that will not be for many years yet. Soon my bangs will be long enough for me to dread also, that will be a wery happy day.

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Dread Project

I'm new here, hi! :)

I have had dreads for some months now, and they're doing really great!

I have this little project for my dreads, that i hope some of you might be interested in helping me out with.
I'm collecting dreads from other people to dread into my own. So far two girls from the states offered me some dreads (haven't received them yet, as the project is pretty new). But I hope to someday get dreads from different places around the world. I think the idea is kinda exotic and I like it :)
So I would be grateful, if some of you have some just lying around.

and some pictures of me dressing up as a male pirate:
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My boss

My boss made an interesting statement that I don’t think I agree with, but enlighten me with your thoughts on the subject?

She said "that most African American’s hair grow a certain way that makes dreading it actually good for the hair and the scalp and that dread white people's hair just rips hair out of the scalp and is bad for it"

She didn’t mean it in a offensive way like saying "black people should dread their hair and white people shouldn’t" she was trying to make a factual statement, but she’s a bit of an airhead so I don’t know if I trust much of what she says. Her son thinks she’s crazy for thinking that(as do I) but a coworker of mine seems to agree with her.

Where would she get this idea? What kind of response should I give her if the subject comes up again?

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Can anyone point me in the direction of the post on thickness & amount of dreads? There was a post that said something about 60+ being insane & skinny, 30-40ish being medium, 20 something being FAT, etc. i looked & looked in the memories and nothing came up :-(


dread duties

one of my friends sisters has just come back from two years travelling during which time she's not taken any care of her dreads at all. she's trying to get a job now and is finding it really hard because her roots are a complete mess so i've offered to help sort them out.

what can i do with two years of unformed growth though? i was thinking that i'd crochet, wax and palm-roll but would i maybe need to do some back-combing too? maybe just take it as it comes and see how it goes?

has anyone else ever taken on something similar? lish, maybe?

thanks guys!