October 28th, 2007

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Hey again! (^_^)

One and a half of my dreads have come unknotted. One is straight hair except for an inch and a half close to my scalp which is matted (yay!) and the other is straightening out, it's about half way to being like it's neighbor. So I have a choice. I know the straight hair dread won't come completely out cause it's root is matted. I'm sure the half-loose dread next to it has little knots mixed in that will be destroyed in re-backcombing. So...

1. How many of ya'll have had a whole dread straighten out before you noticed what was happening?
2. Would you leave it to dread naturally?
3. Would you re-backcomb it?
4. What would you do with the other that looks like the same thing is starting?

I've been ignoring this set mostly, except this time making more of an effort to keep the roots seperated. I don't mess with loose hairs unless they're pulling because they rejoin the wrong dread. I use Neutrogena residue free/removing shampoo and sometimes Suave clarifying once a week or so. I rarely palmroll. Just yesterday I was all excited cause I washed my hair and many of my dreads are getting S-shaped loops in them and a few have mega-matted roots. They're in their "ugly stage" showing me that they're maturing, and now this pops up. (-_-)
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funny comments

i've received a lot of funny comments about my dreads, but they're usually all similar to the ones listed in that section of the memories...however, i have a new one to add. i went to a halloween party friday where i didn't dress up, but almost everyone else did. a girl, dressed as a pirate, asked me:

"oh my god, where did you get your hair???"

i didn't really know what to say, haha. i was just like...it's mine? it totally made my night.

then i dressed up last night in the BEST COSTUME EVER and i'll post pictures later today.

my halloween costume

my halloween costume is a weeping willow tree! (i'm taking a dendrology class, and am now become totally obsessed with naming trees why not be a salix babylonica from the salicaceae family for halloween?) i dressed in all brown, made leaves out of paper, gave myself emo eyes, and painted tears on my face.
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