October 29th, 2007



Hello everyone! I've been lurking for a bit and I finally got some pictures.
My locks are about 4 months old and still really messy. I'm pretty sure it was the wax I had to put in for work (blargh) when they were brand new, the fact that I almost always have them up (oops) and the fact that I'm lazy and my maintenance regime is rather... um... non existent. =D

I do have one rather stupid question. This community, filled with people that have awesome dreads, seems to lean towards washing your dreads quite often, and I was just wondering...
Before I dreaded my hair I washed it once every 10 days or so, "when it got oily," any more and it would start to break and get split ends. I conditioned every day. I've washed my hair three times since I've knotted up... because it's not getting oily/greasy/limp and gross feeling/etc. I think it's the lack of smothering it with fake oils and other crap conditioner. I'm kind of torn between washing it more often, to get it to knot up faster, while risking breakage... and continuing my usual "wash it when it feels dirty" routine. My dreads do not feel dirty, grimy or slick.

I have 64, really thin dreads that I adore! Collapse )
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Dreading Really Thin Hair

Ok, my younger sister has super thin hair.  By that I don't mean the strands themselves are thin, I mean she doesn't have a heck of a lot of it on her head.  She inherited the crappy genes from my mum that means she will likely be mostly bald when she hits middle age.  Already she feels that her hair has thinned out, and she's only 18.

She loves dreads.  Her boyfriend has dreads, so do I, and she always comments that she would totally get them if her hair wasn't so thin and she wasn't afriad dreads would result in faster/more balding later on.

Does anyone have any experience with this sort of thing?  I mean I would love to go to her with a bunch of useful info on having dreads with thin hair so that she can share in the awesomeness that is having dreads of your own.

If it's really a better idea for her to avoid dreads, that's cool too, but I want to help her out if possible.